Attendees: Jennifer Hall, Cheryl Lyons, Laurie Solum, Joy Jorgensen, Louann Friedland

Absent: Laurel Busse, Rick DeBellis, Rose Lacey, Mark Hammerschmith, Elizabeth Grubb, Donetta Sheffold

Call to Order at 1:00 PM - Jennifer

March Community Building/Mentoring Meeting – Laurie Solum

  • This two-hour professional development activity is on track to happen 3/18, 9:00-11:00 in the Journey Room in the Memorial Union.
  • Speakers are lined up, will be free for members and $5.00 for nonmembers.
  • RSVP’s will go to Joy – she will collect any money sent.
  • There is a 60 people limit.
  • Note that this is in addition to the March meeting which is already planned.
  • The Board decided that there should be a Continental breakfast served at the event.

ACTION: Cheryl will make sure that it gets on the website, an email is sent out and OSU Today has a notice. She will also make sure that AOP and TRIAD Club members are invited. She will also check with Jodie Nelson of Student Affairs.

ACTION: Laurie will send the blurb to Cheryl for the event.

Board Elections for 2008-2009 - Jennifer

  • This process needs to begin now. It was suggested by the Board that Susan Dobie chair this process this year.

ACTION: Jennifer will email Susan Dobie.

Our Heros Award Status/Update – Jennifer for Laurel

  • Jennifer reports that we need nominations for the “Our Heros” Awards as soon possible and asks the Board to please participate.

ACTION: Cheryl Lyons reported that she has a potential candidate and she will follow up.

Board Member Reports

Report – President – Jennifer – Nothing additional today.

Report – Marketing – Cheryl – she asks that people give her Newsletter items. The Boards brainstormed for a bit and came up with the following suggestions for items that could be included:

  • An article regarding upcoming elections
  • “Our Heros” article
  • Mentor Workshop
  • Special meetings such as the “Business Center Update” in May
  • Karol Murphy Award

ACTION: Rick and Rose should get information to Cheryl on this Award by February 18th.

Report – Secretary – Louann – Minutes were approved. Process matrix forms are coming in.

Report – Treasurer – Joy – finances almost the same as last time

  • Treasurer’s Report as of January 31st 2008. Total YTD: Income - $10,148.76 and Expenses - $6,472.74.
  • Joy reported that the money finally got to Steve Hanamura from the different OSU organizations.
  • The Board discussed and agreed that in the future, we should handle group financial participant differently that we did with Joy’s group.