The Bylaws state: The President shall preside at all meetings; enforce all rules and regulations relating to the administration of the Association and Executive Board; appoint chairs of all standing and special committees and members-at–large; and act as liaison to the University.

The President has the responsibility of not only overseeing all business of the Association, mentoring the President-Elect, and giving the Association and the Board direction, but is also the official representative and liaison for PFLA. As such, the President may be called upon to speak at various PFLA functions, group gatherings, etc. and, of course, promote the Association whenever possible.

The business of PFLA must either be performed by the President or delegated to others. It is important for the President to “guide” the Board in setting goals and making expectations clear to the Board members helping to keep board members on task, sets goals, fills in wherever needed to complete tasks and projects to move the organization forwards. Sets agenda and facilitates Executive Board meetings.

The President assures a quorum is available to conduct business at the Executive Board and sets the agenda for the Board meetings, with input from the Board members. Provides vision for the Association and aligns vision with the mission of the Association and the energy of the Board.

Specific Tasks of President

Monthly Meetings

The President will request input from Executive Board Members in creating an agenda for each monthly Executive Board Meeting.

  • The President will bring a printed copy of the final Agenda for each Executive Board Member to refer to during the meeting.
  • After ascertaining that there is a quorum of attending Executive Board Members, the President will call each Executive Board Meeting to order and facilitate the meeting.  In their absence, the President-Elect will act in their capacity.

As meeting facilitator, the President will monitor group discussion to make sure that the meeting is on-track and within the goals of the Mission of the PFLA, bringing closure to the meeting at the appropriate time.

  • When a Chair is need for a committee, the President either appoints the Chair or approves the Executive Board’s recommendation for that Chair.

Liaison for the PFLA with Oregon State University

  • On a regular basis the President may be called upon to speak to the following closely related organizations within Oregon State University.

Promote the PFLA and its Mission and Membership whenever possible.

  • Bring the President-Elect into decisions and processes where ever possible in order to mentor them for the role they will play in the following year.
  • Ensure there is PFLA representation for the President’s Commission on the Status of Women.