2018-2019 PFLA Members

  Name Position Department
  Linda Adams Fiscal Officer Sea Grant
  Clarissa Amundsen Program Coordinator Academic Technology
  Ashleigh Anderson Head Academic Advisor School of Psychological Science
  Alisha Atha Office Manager & County Leader OSU Extension Polk & Marion Counties
  Candace Baltz Director Orange Media Network
  Jackie Bangs Assistant Director Office of International Services
  Judy Bankson Assistant Director, Production Printing & Mailing Services
  Tamara Belknap Assessment Analyst Academic Programs and Assessment
  Edith Birky Human Resources Officer Office of Human Resources
  Cheryl Bond Business Manager Team Oregon
  JoAnne Bunnage Director of University Accreditation Academic Affairs
  Lisa Butler Human Resource Consultant 1 University Administrative Business Center
  Cory Buxton Professor College of Education
  Karren Cholewinski Executive Assistant Office of the Registrar
  Kim Cholewinski Human Resources Consultant 2 Office of Human Resources-Health Sciences Group
  Al Christensen IT/IS Manager College of Veterinary Medicine
  Jen Cohen Office Manager Biological & Ecological Engineering
  Gretchen Cuevas Administative Manager College of Agricutlural Sciences Administration
  Elsa Curtis Admininistrative Program Assistant Extension Service Adminstration
  Sara Daly Executive Assist to Senior Vice Provost Faculty Affairs
  Angela Dammen Executive Assistant to the Dean CEOAS
  Kathy DeBellis Center Administrator
Integrated Plant Protection Center
  Denise Dewey Outreach and Communications Manager Oregon Wine Research Institute (OWRI)
  Marcia Dickson Operations Coordinator Extension Service Administration
  Patrice Dragon Academic Advisor School of Civil & Construction Engineering
  Cindy Draper Fiscal Policy Officer Controller's Office, FA&A
  Gretchen Dursch Research Program Coordinator College of Public Health & Human Sciences
  Janet Ekholm Executive Assistant Undergraduate Education
  Melissa Elmore Office Manager Austin Family Business Program, COB
  Tracy Elmshaeuser Executive Assistant Finance & Administration
  Susan Emerson Research Development Associate Office for Research Development
  Susan Fein Instructional Designer Ecampus
  Robin Fifita Academic Advisor Sociology
  Carlea Freeman Admin Manager eCampus
  Laura Frye Fiscal Coordinator 1 University Administrative Business Center
  Mary Gardner Office Manager Statistics
  Mendy Gayler Assist to the Assoc Dean for Acad & Faculty Affairs College of Public Health & Human Sciences
  Donita Godwin Administrative Assistant School of Public Policy
  Elizabeth Grubb Executive Assistant Office of the President
  Stephanie Harvey Director of Financial Planning & Budgeting Financial Services
  Kaycee Headley Executive Assistant to the Dean College of Public Health & Human Sciences
  Olivia Heath Manager, Recruitment and Outreach College of Business
  Katherine Hoffman Project Coordinator College of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences,
  Kaylyn Hymes Administrative Coordinator Extension Services
  Pamela Johnson Executive Assistant to VP CDO College of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences
  Cyndy Kelchner Research Program Administrator College of Engineering
  Michelle Klotz Faculty Affairs Associate Faculty Affairs
  Janine Kobel Executive Assistant Office of Academic Achievement, Student Affairs
  Brenda Langley Operations & Communications Manager Pacific Marine Energy Center
  Katie Lanker Contract Services Coordinator Contract Services | PCMM
  Abby Leland Communications Specialist Office of Human Resources
  Kathleen Lillis Office Manager College of Business
  Romeo Lopez Gonzalez Visitor Services Coordinator Office of the President
  Chrissy Lucas Outreach Program Coordinator OSU Extension Service - Benton County
  Shirley Mann Assistant to Director School of Psychological Science
  Erin Martin Strategic Web & Communication Manager University Facilities, Infrastructure & Operations
  Keahi McFadden Executive Assistant University Facilities, Infrastructure & Operations
  Mary McKillop Events and Contracting Manager The LaSells Stewart Center
  Amy McLaughlin Director of Information Services Student Health Services
  Julie Meier Cayuse Administrator Research Office
  Jasmina Milic Contract Officer Contract Services
  Kay Miller Safety Training Coordinator Environmental Health & Safety 
  Katherine Morris Admnistrative Program Assistant International Programs
  Lauri Morris Admnistrative Program Assistant Naval Science
  Steve Nash Payroll Director Business Affairs
  Vickie Nunnemaker Special Assistant to the Faculty Senate President Faculty Senate
  Robynn Pease Ombuds Ombuds Office
  Vikki Pointer Executive Asistant to Vice President University Relations and Marketing
  Angie Portz Executive Assistant Office of Audit Services
  Bo Price Accountant University Administrative Business Center
  Nicole Real Budget Officer Budget & Fiscal Planning
  Kristin Rifai Administrative Manager Crop & Soil Science
  Jackie Russell Executive Assistant University Outreach & Engagement
  Steven Sandberg Broadcast Coordinator Orange Media Network
  Velyn Scarborough Assist Director of Marketing, Advertising & Creative Orange Media Network
  Christina Schaaf Work LIfe Coordinator Office of Work Life
  Annie Scheerer Instructor/Advisor Sustainability Double Degree (CAS)
  Tammy Schrock Training Support Unit Manager Team Oregon
  Lisa Schulz Program Lead/Instructor College of Education
  Shelly Signs Director University Events
  Meddie Sims Administrative Program Assistant Professional and Continuing Education
  Erin Sneller Marketing & Communications Manager School of Arts & Communication
  Patricia Snopkowski Chief Audit Executive Office of Audit Services
  Jill Soth Conference Manager Conference Services
  Kathryn Stroppel Director of marketing and communications College of Public Health and Human Sciences
  Kim Tarrant Assist to Assoc Provost for Outreach & Engagement Extension Administration
  Elizabeth Thomas Office Manager Ecampus
  Jessica Thurner-Byers Business Systems Analyst OSRAA
  Terri Traver Client Relations Coordinator Printing & Mailing Services
  Amelia Vaughan Project Coordinator Department of Envirnomental & Occupational Health
  Victor Villegas Technology & Media Support Coordinator Extension Services
  Deb Weitzman Events Manager LaSells Stewart Center
  Lisa Wetherell Executive Assistant Information & Technology
  Rachel Ziegler Building & Space Coordinator Valley Library