The Bylaws state: The Treasurer shall receive and hold all monies payable to the Association; keep a register of paid members; give a financial report at the monthly meeting of the Executive Board; and an annual report to be posted on the PFLA website for general membership review. The Treasurer and two other members of the Executive Board shall be authorized signers for check disbursement. Two authorized signers shall be required for disbursement of monies over $200.00.

The Treasurer receives and holds all monies payable to the Association as well as disbursing all monies payable by the Association keeps record of paid members, expenditures, and receipts both to and from the Association accounts; prepares and presents a financial at the monthly Executive Board and reports in writing annually to the general membership.

Minimum requirements to qualify for election to the position are:

  • Bookkeeping and math courses though equivalent of MATH 065.
  • 1 year of experience with Excel spreadsheets.
  • 1 year of experience and access to the OSU Banner system.

The time requirement related to this position is approximately:

  • 16 hours per month during the membership drive, especially during September and October.
  • 6 hours per month during the rest of the year.

Specific Tasks of the Treasurer

Monthly Meeting

  • The Treasurer will report to the Executive Board at each meeting the current financial state of the PFLA organization.
  • To lead the discussion of membership progression, the Treasurer will let the Executive Board know the number of paid-in-full and awaiting payment members at each monthly Executive Board Meeting.

Tracking of PFLA Income and Expenses

  • The Treasurer will maintain all monies and receipts for the PFLA in a locked area at their workplace.
  • Each receipt and expenditure should be recorded in the OSU Banner system under the index for the PFLA.
  • A monthly and year-end report will be generated and presented to the PFLA Executive Board Members.
  • All PFLA expenditures should be approved in advance by a majority of a forum of the Executive Board Members whenever possible and all expenditures require the signatures of two Executive Board Members.
  • As needed, the Treasurer prepares payment and accompanying paperwork for all PFLA expenditures for events, supplies, etc.


  • As the Treasurer receives new member and renewing member payments, the Treasurer keeps the most current and accurate financial records of membership monies received.  Upon receiving the financial payment of membership, provides the membership list to the Membership Director on a monthly or as requested basis.