The Bylaws state: During the first year of a three-year term, the President-Elect shall serve as executive assistant to the President. In the absence of the President all powers and prerogatives of the President are assumed by the President-Elect. The President-Elect succeeds to the presidency during the second year of the three year term.

The President-Elect serves as a collaborative aide to the President. In this capacity, the organization maintains balance and an even flow of information. It is in this role that the President is able to mentor the President-Elect and assist them by providing the information which will be so valuable to them in their presidency. This office should be able to assume the presidency at a moments notice, and should therefore have a “pulse” on the constituency.

The President-Elect needs to have channels of communication open to the Director of Professional Development so that the organization keeps a variety of topics in front of the membership. This is necessary to ensure that PFLA has interactive, compelling and informative professional development sessions as well as assisting the Membership Director with recruiting and retaining new members. The President-Elect is also responsible for coordinating quarterly networking events.