The Bylaws state: The Web Services Director is responsible for the revision and maintenance of the PFLA web page. Works with Board Members to keep information on the web site fresh, accurate, interesting and informative. Works to continuously improve the automated process behind the web pages. Cooperates and coordinates with the Marketing Director to assist with the distribution and communication of PFLA events and activities.

Minimum requirements to qualify for election to this position are:  One-year experience maintaining web pages.  Must have current experience and skill in web design and current technologies .

Specific Tasks for the Web Services Director

Monthly Meeting

  • Following the Monthly Executive Board Meeting, the Web Services Director will work with the Marketing Director and Secretary to add the current Meeting Minutes to the PFLA website.
  • In the Monthly Meeting, the Web Services Director will detail any recommended additions or enhancements and gain approval from the Executive Board Members to implement the changes to the PFLA website.
  • At each meeting, the Web Services Director will report on the month’s new content added including advertising, calendar events, etc.

PFLA Website Maintenance

  • All changes in Executive Board Members, By-Laws and Minutes will be accomplished by the Web Services Director in conjunction with the Marketing Director and President.
  • All new “Our Heroes” and Karel Murphy Awards will be included on the website within one week of their announcement.
  • The Web Services Director will act as liaison to the Oregon State University IS/IT Department to make sure that the website is effectively running and maintained, including appropriate upgrades and backups as needed.
  • When an event is past, the Web Services Director will move the information around that event to the PFLA website archives. 

The Web Services Director will be responsible for updating the pictures in the gallery, the meeting minutes, the meeting announcements, the marketing newsletters, and any other changes need on the Association’s website.

PFLA Email List Maintenance

  • The Web Services Director will manage the mailing lists for both the PFLA-Board and the PFLA-Members.

The time requirement related to this position is:

  • 10 hours a month is required to set up meetings with editors in order to understand and communicate about content, changes and updates to be activated.