The Bylaws state: The Secretary shall record all resolutions and proceedings of the Executive Board meetings; perform secretarial duties on behalf of the Board and the Association, including keeping meeting minutes; making approved changes to the Bylaws; and assisting the President in conducting all correspondence relating to the Association.

The Secretary takes minutes at the monthly Board meetings. Once drafted, the minutes are sent to each Board member with a request to provide corrections, additions, etc. by a specific deadline. The Secretary sends out the corrected minutes, hopefully a week prior to the following months Board meeting. Once the minutes are approved, at the next Board meeting, the Secretary will send the finalized minutes to the Web Services Director for posting. The Secretary will also send the minutes to the membership as an attachment along with providing the URL where all members can view the minutes on the web. The Secretary will need to work closely with the Web Services Director to provide the correct format for posting. Minutes will list Board Members in attendance, any guests, as well as action items.

The Secretary may be asked to draft letters or other types of correspondence for the President's signature.