The Bylaws state: The Membership Director shall establish means to build membership incentives; conduct the annual membership drive; process membership applications; keep a current membership roster; and maintain mailing lists.

It is the primary goal of the Membership Director to retain and expand the membership base. This can be done through incentives approved by the Exec. Board, such as letters, emails, special offers etc. The Membership Director will conduct an annual membership drive September through August, in order to give nine month employees the opportunity to join. The list of eligible professional faculty is provided by the Employee Records and Information Manager (Human Resources) on a regular basis. The first mailing of the membership year is usually a very large one — which also includes the mailing to remind past members to renew their membership. This mailing done the “old fashioned way” on PFLA letterhead and provide a personal touch to show the membership their importance to PFLA.

Membership applications are kept and information extracted and provided to the Executive Board for members’ interest in committee membership, professional development ideas, etc.

It is the duty of the Membership Director to keep a current roster of members in good standing (noting complementary, active or associate membership categories). Mailing lists are maintained in order to send the members organizational updates and reminders of meetings as well as for invitations to special events such as the President’s Reception.

Membership drive responsibilities are time intensive and require the Director to have skills in organizational, creativity, follow through and letter writing, in order to sell PFLA as a vibrant and relevant organization to potential members.

Each year the Membership Director must ensure that the Information Services people involved with the global email listings are contacted to have permissions transferred to the newly elected Membership Director for the changes necessary to keep the list current.