List of attendees: Laurel Busse, Cheryl Lyons, Prudence Miles, JoDee Bernal, Rose Lacey, Jennifre Hall, Dawn Eastlick, Sheri Woods


Commitment to Diversity Event - Laurel Busse
The group had originally voted to try and meet with members of several of the multi-cultural centers and view some of the Voices Project videos. Unfortunately, that idea was found to be unfeasible when it became clear how much work it would be for the center's to organize around the event. As this was not the intention, Laurel proposed four 1.5 hour lunchtime training sessions with Team Liberation. A possible partnering with AOP to offer this was also discussed. The group was joined by Ronnie Sue from Team Liberation. She explained that Team Liberation is a student fee funded program that provides human relations and facilitation training for students and faculty * (*for fee). They guide dialogue around diversity and learning healthy communication styles through experiential exercises. Team Liberation agreed to offer the four sessions in question at no charge to PFLA and AOP members. All voted to pursue this as the spring event and as the PFLA commitment to diversity. Laurel will work to find a venue, date and time. She will also contact AOP to see if they would like to co-sponsor.

February Professional Development Opportunity Update - Cheryl Lyons
Cheryl related that 25 people have signed up for the Facilitating Employee Success through the Disciplinary Process professional development opportunity to be held February 21, 2007. This includes seven new members who joined PFLA in order to attend the event.

Budget Sub Committee - Jennifer Hall
Jennifer related the subcommittee has met and explored ways to decrease cost while increasing revenue. She hopes to provide a more detailed report during the next meeting that will address ways to boost membership, fundraising opportunities, and web revitalization. The sub-committee needs to meet again, though, before they can provide this report.

Membership - Cheryl Lyons
Cheryl related there have been no new professional faculty reported in the new hire data she has received. Thus she has not sent any invitations for them to join PFLA. She did relate we have seven new members who signed up as part of the February professional development opportunity.

Web - Sheri Woods
All the past minutes and newsletters have been posted that Sheri has received. There are "Heroes" missing for 2 years (2004 and 2005). These are missing, we assume, due to no heroes being awarded during that time. Sheri will be proactive with Central Web Services for future updates to the website and seek permanent, secure web hosting.

Next Meeting

The next PFLA board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 07, 2007 at 1:00 pm (directly following regular PFLA meeting)