Approval of Minutes of January 11, 2006 approved as corrected

Resignation of Member at Large

Nagwa Naguib has resigned, Jo Dee will appoint and has asked for potential candidates

Future of PFLA

Affiliation with Academic Affairs

  • Laurel will contact Becky Johnson and Jacque Rudulph to attend a future meeting so they could present the issues to the membership. Laurel took notes on upcoming meeting items with Jacque and Becky
  • Send questions for this meeting to Jo Dee and she will assemble them
  • Donetta will check other orgs on campus, will ask Jacque too
  • Lyle will work on the by-laws and review them
  • Scott to look at websites from OUS institutions


Committee (will ask Keahi to Chair it this year and the board will actively assist her more)

Professional Development

  • Debrief January session on Cascade Counseling - Carlene (was very good, need to think about generating members at this function)
  • Plans for Spring



  • Jo Dee - Our Hero Award for January & February
  • Jennifer - Membership N/A
  • Laurel March & other upcoming meetings (Discussed using outlook for invitation to the PFLA meetings)
  • Carlene November Professional Dev - Cascade Counseling and Future Planned Workshops Keahi-Monthly Meeting Prize Winners
  • Articles due to Jean Luc by - 2/20 noon
  • Newsletter to be sent out - 2/27
  • Other

Our Hero Award

we should do PFLA introductions of the board members, and discuss PFLA background intro

  1. September - Anne Herrington, HR Coord Extension
  2. October - Elizabeth Wallace, Printing and Mailing
  3. November - Mike Meeker, OSU Catering
  4. December - None
  5. January - Brian Stroup - Debrief
  6. February - Stephen Meyer, Information Services
  7. Possible Dates to present award (Jo De to let us know)

Refunds for Memberships

  • Denial of request from Leigh Larkin to refund via Liz Newcomb of HR follow-up (not sure if this was done)

Next Steps

  • Laurel presented survey results -no surprises, it appears from the survey we are meeting the needs of the members

Karel Murphy Award

Request from Vickie Nunnemaker - Jo Dee

Committee - Jennifer Hall to Chair