In an effort to keep our membership informed about PFLA's governance, the duties of Executive Board members, and other points of interest concerning the organization, we have included the bylaws, in their entirety, on this page for your convenience.

1.1 The name of the organization shall be the Professional Faculty Leadership Association (PFLA).

1.2 The purpose of PFLA is to:

  1. Provide development and networking opportunities for faculty managers and/or supervisors.
  2. Foster support and collegiality amongst the PFLA membership.
  3. Advocate for the PFLA membership in university policy decisions.

1.3 PFLA is not affiliated with any other professional organization within the University or the State.

1.4 PFLA recognizes the significant contribution made by other professional organizations, and will actively seek to support these organizations and investigate ways of serving the OSU community together.

1.5 Any change or amendment to the bylaws, after being approved by the Executive Board, must be ratified by a majority of the responding active members. For the response to be considered valid at least 25% of the membership must respond.

1.6 PFLA values diversity. Therefore, the Association does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, disability, gender identity or expression, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran's status in any of its policies, procedures, or practices.


2.1 Membership in PFLA is individual and non-transferable and is awarded after written application and payment of dues to the Membership Director.

2.2 Membership in PFLA will take one of two forms:

  1. Active Membership shall include all professional faculty and academic faculty who are managers and/or supervisors under the appointing authority of Oregon State University. Active members shall be entitled to vote, to hold elective office, to serve on the Executive Board and to participate in all activities of the Association. Upon termination of employment, an active member becomes eligible to be an associate member.
  2. Associate Membership shall include former active members of the Association no longer employed by Oregon State University and other people affiliated with Oregon State University including all academic and classified staff, students, and federal employees. Associate members shall be entitled to the privileges of active membership except that they may not hold elective office or participate in Managerial Forums.

2.3 The membership will begin on September 1, and end on August 31, of each year.


3.0 The PFLA officers will also be members of the Executive Board. Elected offices for PFLA are listed below.

3.1 President - The President shall preside at all meetings; enforce all rules and regulations relating to the administration of the Association and Executive Board; appoint chairs of all standing and special committees and members-at-large; and act as liaison to the University. With input from the Executive Board, the President will appoint an auditor to audit PFLA financial records on a biennial basis.

3.2 Past President - The Past President will serve as an officer on the Executive Board. As such the Past President will be available for advice and past history and will serve as a resource to the Executive Board members.

3.3 President-Elect - During the first year of a three-year term, the President-Elect shall serve as executive assistant to the President. In the absence of the President all powers and prerogatives of the President are assumed by the President-Elect. The President-Elect succeeds to the presidency during the second year of the three year term.

3.4 Director of Professional Development - The Director for Professional Development shall be responsible for planning, recommending, and implementing professional training and development experiences (at least one each term). All professional training and development activities are subject to the approval of the Executive Board.

3.5 Membership Director - The Membership Director shall establish means to build membership incentives; conduct the annual membership drive; process membership applications; keep a current membership roster; and maintain mailing lists.

3.6 Marketing Director - The Marketing Director shall assist each officer in determining needs of the members and the Association. The Director shall manage how news and PFLA publicity are distributed, with assistance and input from PFLA members and Executive Board.

3.7 Secretary - The Secretary shall record all resolutions and proceedings of the Executive Board meetings; perform secretarial duties on behalf of the Board and the Association, including keeping meeting minutes; making approved changes to the Bylaws; and assisting the President in conducting all correspondence relating to the Association.

3.8 Treasurer - The Treasurer shall receive and hold all monies payable to the Association; disburse all monies payable by the Association; keep a register of paid members; give a financial report at the monthly meeting of the Executive Board; and an annual report to be posted on the PFLA website for general membership review. The Treasurer and two other members of the Executive Board shall be authorized signers for check disbursement. Two authorized signers shall be required for disbursement of monies over $200.00.

3.9 Members-at-Large - The President may appoint members-at-large to serve on the Executive Board. The members-at-large, while not eligible to vote, provide leadership on special projects, chair committees and bring varied and valuable input on discussions.

3.10 Web Services Director -The Web Services Director is responsible for the revision and maintenance of the PFLA web page. Works with Board Members to keep information on the web site fresh, accurate, interesting and informative. Works to continuously improve the automated process behind the web pages. Cooperates and coordinates with the Marketing Director to assist with the distribution and communication of PFLA events and activities.


4.1 PFLA officers will be elected annually and serve for a term of one year from September 1 to August 31, except as indicated in Article 3.3. An officer may serve in the same position for only two consecutive terms. All officers must be current, active members of PFLA.

PLEASE NOTE: In July, newly elected officers will join the current Board for a planning retreat.

4.2 By the end of November, the President will appoint a nominations/elections chair. This chair will solicit nominations from the membership and compile a list of officer candidates for presentation to the Executive Board at the April meeting at which time the Executive Board will certify the eligibility of the candidates.

4.3 In May a ballot will be sent to Active members. The ballots will be returned to the nomination/elections chair who shall conduct the election and report the results to the Executive Board. 2.If the nomination/elections chair chooses to run for office; someone else from the nominations/elections committee must be appointed to conduct the election.

4.4 If an officer, other than President-Elect, is unable to complete a term, the Executive Board will appoint an interim officer to serve the remainder of the term.

4.5 In case the President-Elect resigns during the first year of their three-year term, a special election will be held.


5.1 The Executive Board shall consist of all duly elected officers and members-at-large appointed by the President.

5.2 The Executive Board shall supervise the finances of the Association; determine policies of the Association, subject to the approval of the active membership; and manage, control, and protect all property belonging to the Association.

5.3 The Executive Board shall meet once a month to review program activities and to respond to issues from the membership.

5.4 All PFLA activities, contractual agreements, and financial expenditures over $200.00 must receive approval of the Executive Board.

5.5 The Executive Board shall strive to reach all decisions by consensus, but in the case of an impasse, a two-thirds majority is required for passage.

5.6 At least four elected officers must be present at a meeting of the Executive Board for a quorum.

5.7 Except in the case of absences excused by the President, three (3) consecutive absences by any board member shall be considered as a resignation. Such vacancy shall be filled in accordance with Article 4.4 of these Bylaws.

5.8 Official minutes of the Executive Board shall be available from the Secretary.


6.0 In the event of the Association ceasing to exist, the disposition of the assets and records of the Association will be as outlined in all sections of Article 6.

6.1 General Operating Fund - After all debts of the Association are paid, the balance of funds will be placed in a scholarship fund. The Executive Board shall negotiate with the OSU Foundation regarding the management of a scholarship fund with the intent of continuing a University Professional Faculty Award.

6.2 Ownership of records - OSU Archives shall have sole ownership and disposition rights to all records of the Association.


Adopted: February 20, 1992

January 6, 1997
April 26, 1999
December 1, 2000
April 3, 2001
December 1, 2001
April, 2002
July, 2003
October, 2006
November 2006
August 2011