Attendees: Jo Dee Bernal, Linda Devenow, Louann Friedland, Mark Hammerschmith, Angela Haney, Jennifer Hall, Joy Jorgensen, Cheryl Lyons, Michelle Mahana, Laurie Solum, Donetta Sheffold, Alice Tucker

Absent: N/A

Call to Order - Laurie

Our Heros Award Update - Jennifer

  • Currently there are no nominations for "Our Heros".

ACTION: Mark will modify the wording on the application - replacing the first question with "Why is this person your hero?"

ACTION: Board will promote nomination of "Our Heros" to PFLA members and non-members.

Review of ADA Mini-Workshop - Laurie

  • Although the presentation was excellent, attendance was very low at this event - only six people attended. Board discussed some the possible reasons:
    • Since there was no rsvp, we were not aware of the possibility of low attendance.
    • There is a general "low energy" feel to the climate of the University as a whole, reflecting the poor economy and job losses - people view training as a "first to go" item.
    • Job overload - everyone is extremely busy and doing more with less.

ACTION: Even if events do not require payment from participants, we should require rsvp's.

Spring Professional Development Event - Alice

  • All is set for this event happening on March 10th from 1:00 - 5:00 in the Alumni Center Ballroom.
  • Board reviewed the marketing brochure for this event and highly approved of the format with a couple of additions to the content.
  • Discussion was held around inviting students and/or ASOSU then charging them a different price but the Board did not approve of this at this time.

ACTION: Cheryl will change the major title of the poster to be "What Planet are you From", minor changes to the placement of the wording, not affecting the look and feel.

ACTION: Since Cheryl had another appointment, Alice will let her know of a couple additional changes that the Board has requested: "Space limited - sign up early!" and a note that refreshments will be provided.

ACTION: Board should hang up posters in areas around their work and the Campus.

PFLA Board Positions For Next Year - Laurie

  • At this point, Laurie has not received any nominations.
  • The following positions are open due to term limits: Treasurer, Marketing Director, Secretary, and Web Services Director. The President-Elect position will also be open.

ACTION: Board will promote nominations within the PFLA membership.

ACTION: Laurie will send out notice to the PFLA Membership inviting them to join the Board.

ACTION: Board members should let Laurie know if they are interested in serving on the Board next year.

President's Reception - Laurie

  • The Reception is at the OSU President's home and is held to honor the PFLA President.
  • This year's President's Reception will be held on Thursday, April, 23rd, 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.
  • Shelly will handle the arrangements including email invite, rsvp's, and nametags.
  • Guests can be included.

ACTION: Louann will add this procedure as modified into the PFLA Board Procedures.

Spring End of Year Celebration - Laurie

  • Celebration is held at noon as the last meeting of the year. This year the Planning Committee will be: Donetta, Angela, Laurie, Louann and Jo Dee.

Treasurer's Report - Joy

  • Joy handed out the revised budget sheet showing fund beginning and ending balance.
  • There are $1,700 in outstanding charges for the March Professional Development Workshop and will leave a balance of $6,400.