Attendees: Jo Dee Bernal, Linda Devenow, Louann Friedland, Mark Hammerschmith, Angela Haney, Joy Jorgensen, Laurie Solum, Donetta Sheffold, Alice Tucker

Absent: Michelle Mahana, Cheryl Lyons, Jennifer Hall

Call to Order: Laurie

Update on Professional Development: Alice

  • There will be no half-day Professional Development events in the summer or fall at this point.
  • We will investigate setting up another Woodstock event with Triad in August.

ACTION: Linda follow-up with Triad (Larry Pribyl, Chris Crabtree).

Leigh-Anne Workshop: Joy

  • Although Leigh-Anne's presentation was excellent, attendance was lower than expected. Board revisited some of the reasons - the climate of the University as a whole, reflecting the poor economy and job losses - people view training as a "first to go" item and job overload - everyone is extremely busy and doing more with less.
  • There was a loss of approximately $1,100 to the PFLA treasury.

ACTION: Due to the climate at OSU currently, we will not plan large Professional Development events for a while.

PFLA Board Positions For Next Year - Election Status: Linda

  • At this point, all positions have at least one candidate except for President-Elect.

ACTION: Board should investigate leads for filling this position.

Banner Access Concerns for Treasurer: Laurie

  • Banner data entry access will be contained in the Business Centers and our Treasurer needs this access to operate effectively.

ACTION: Joy will enter this question into the Business Center website.

President's Reception: All

  • The Reception is at the OSU President's home and is held to honor the PFLA President.
  • This year's President's Reception will be held on Thursday, April, 23rd, 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.
  • Shelly will handle the arrangements including email invite, rsvp's, and nametags.

ACTION: Angela will send out menu suggestions for Board review.

Year End Celebration: All

  • Celebration will be on Wednesday, June 3rd in the Arnold Gold room.
  • The "Strawberry Shortcake" theme works well and will be used again this year.
  • After some discussion, it was voted that the angel food cake rather than biscuits should be served with the strawberries.
  • This meeting will not have a speaker - a purely social celebration.

ACTION: The Planning Committee (Donetta, Angela, Laurie, Louann and Jo Dee) will meet to discuss decorations in early May.

Summer Retreat: All

  • The retreat will once again be hosted by Donetta - thank you Donetta!!

ACTION: Donetta will let the Board know if July 7, 8, or 9 will work best for her.

Karel Murphy Award - Laurie/Jennifer

  • The tasks for this need to be started.

ACTION: Angela, Donetta and Louann will be on the Award Review Committee.

Review of Next Year's Monthly Meetings: Linda

  • Linda has speakers for all the meetings except January, April and May.

ACTION: Angela will continue to approach Coach Robinson.

ACTION: Linda will talk to Jon Dorbolo - Technology Across the Curriculum.

New Year's Focus - Linda

  • Considering the probably continuance if not worsening of the current economic climate of the University next year, it was decided that we should probably reduce the large events and work on keeping attendance at Monthly Meetings and the smaller 2.5 hour events.
  • Possibly have more "forum" events will bring more members.

ACTION: Value-add reasons for joining PFLA should be stressed, including early announcement of Professional Faculty positions on Campus.

Treasurer's Report - Joy

  • Joy presented the current report - shows beginning and ending fund balance as well as not yet paid expenses incurred.