Attendees: Jo Dee Bernal, Linda Devenow, Louann Friedland, Angela Haney, Joy Jorgensen, Jennifer Hall, Cheryl Lyons, Laurie Solum, Donetta Sheffold, Alice Tucker, Mark Hammerschmith.

Absent: Michelle Mahana

Call to Order at 1:00 PM - Laurie

University Day Booth Update - Laurie/University Day Booth Committee

  • We have Booth 18, right inside the door - room organized differently this year.
  • Louann reports that setup is planned and ready
  • Michelle is working on getting more prizes for "membership enroll by 9/30" drive.

ACTION: Laurie will let us know if there is electricity in the booth for the registration computer.

ACTION: Michelle will pass along the prize information to Louann to develop signage for the booth.

Silent Auction of Baskets /Fund Raising - Jennifer/Fund Raising Committee

  • Board agreed this was a good idea from the Fund Raising Committee.
  • Next Month's basket theme will be First Aid/Emergency Preparedness.
  • It was decided that we should have a Fall PFLA Kickoff at Woodstock's in October - event should be in the evening and start right after work at 5:30.

ACTION: Everyone should get next month's basket items to Jennifer by Monday, 9/22 (note: this has been changed by Jennifer to Monday, 9/29).

ACITON: Alice will send basket to Jennifer.

ACTION: Angela will contact Woodstock's to arrange for the event.

Results of Daryl Dixon Workshop - Joy/Group

  • Joy reported that the cost for the workshop was $2313.94 as of this meeting. Receipts $3560.00, not including the IS partnership incoming monies. We have 95 members as of this meeting and we are staring the year with $8500.00 in our treasury.
  • The consensus was that this was a very good professional development event. Everyone appreciated Daryl's non-confrontive style with anecdotal stories from his own experiences to convey sometimes difficult diversity issues. Nothing but positive responses have been heard from participants.
  • This event really proved the effectiveness of partnerships for our larger Professional Development Events we hold once or twice a year.

Professional Development Plans - Laurie/Group

  • A suggestion was made to include the new basketball coach - possibly as a two hour Mini Professional Development Event in the spring.
  • Alice suggested that the Research Office has interest in partnering with an event.

ACTION: Everyone should send ideas for a Spring09/Fall09 Professional Development Events to Angela and Alice.

Newsletter - Cheryl

  • Cheryl is working on the next newsletter requested ideas and input. Group suggested: Thank you to Past President and introduction to new President; something on the "Our Heros" Award.

ACTION: Send input to Newsletter to Cheryl by Friday 9/12.

ACTION: Cheryl will have the Newsletter complete and provide 50 copies for the University Day Booth.

Other Discussion Items - Group

ACTION: Cheryl will work on making the next Monthly Meeting announcement more "flashy" - as much as can be done in a plain text email. It was suggested that she add a note to the membership to "bring a friend" to the meeting.

ACTION: Laurie will check with Michelle to make sure that the PFLA email list is updated with the new members.

ACTION: Everyone was invited to nominate "Our Heros" - Jennifer will coordinate.