Attendees: Linda Devenow, Louann Friedland, Mark Hammerschmith, Angela Haney, Jennifer Hall, Cheryl Lyons, Michelle Mahana, Donetta Sheffold, Alice Tucker

Absent: Jo Dee Bernal, Joy Jorgensen, Laurie Solum

Call to Order at 1:00 PM - in Laurie's absence, Linda Devenow, President Elect, conducted the meeting.

Spring Professional Development Event

  • Angela has arranged for catering of the March 10th Professional Development event. The cost will be $1.99 per person - cookies and sodas.
  • The workshop will be held in the Alumni Center from 1:00 to 5:00.
  • Leigh Anne Jasheway-Bryant will be our speaker and the event title is "Communications - What Planet are you From? Learning to Lighten Up to Communicate More Effectively". Her website is:
  • The cost will be $1000 inclusive (no extra travel). We will receive an invoice in February for this amount.
  • Her only requirement is a lapel mike so there will be no extra setup.
  • Angela has reserved the Alumni Center Ballroom - they want the deposit by Thursday, 11/5. Angela will provide them the index. At this point, we have reserved the entire room - we should be able to reduce this to ½ the room if we need to as long as we give them enough time. (Alumni Center Ballroom is reserved from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.).

Woodstock's Pizza Event

  • This was a very successful event - we should revisit having another social networking event of this nature in the spring and next fall. It was noted that we need to have more room to move between and around tables for the next event.
  • It was discussed and decided that we should split the $35.00 profit with AOP. Michelle will work with Laurie and Joy on how to accomplish this.
  • Board agreed we need to be extremely clear with other groups about the responsibilities, etc. for these types of events.

ACTION: Board will consider future time and venue at January meeting.

Winter Gala

  • The Winter Gala will be held in the Arnold Gold Room on December 3rd.
  • Board would like the OSU Catering Sampler again for this year - great way to test Catering dishes.
  • Assignments:
    • Cheryl will put together the publicity for the Winter Gala.
    • Donetta will take the RSVP's and collect money in advance.
    • Joy and Michelle will collect money and pass out nametags at the door.
    • Setup will be: Michelle, Cheryl, Louann and Donetta and anyone else who wants to come a bit early!
    • Donetta and Louann are working on the decorations. Donetta will check on getting the small table white poinsettias again. Louann will make small tulle wrapped goodies as gifts for the tables.
    • Angela will get purple napkins for the tables and arrange for tables in the front for the food and tables in the back for the Silent Auction items.
    • Angela will send us a menu to review.
    • Jennifer will extend an invitation to Ed and Beth Ray and Donetta will invite Jeannie Walters from Stargazers Premier Florist.


  • Cheryl will include information about the Winter Gala/Silent Auction, Our Heros (Donetta and Jennifer will send to Cheryl), and a recap of the Woodstock's Event (Michelle will send to Cheryl).

ACTION: Send input for Newsletter to Cheryl by Tuesday, November 11th.

Our Heros

  • Jennifer will work with Donetta on the next Our Heros and keep us informed.

ACTION: Remember to send in those "My Heros" nominations!

New Year's Monthly Meetings

  • Linda has contact the MU to reserve our Monthly Meeting rooms - they let her know that they open up for reservations in December.
  • For our May 6, 2008 meeting, she has arranged for Nancy Helligman to come and talk to us about INTO.
  • She has arranged the following meetings for next year so far:
    • 10/7 - Luanne Lawrence, Vice President, University Advancement
    • 11/4 - Linda Bork, HR
  • Angela reports that Coach Robinson has agreed to do either a mini-workshop or a lunch next year - maybe a joint meeting with Lavonda Wagner. She will keep us informed.

ACTION: Linda will report back on the status of the MU Meeting Room reservations and any changes/additions to next year's Monthly Meeting speakers in the January Meeting.

Miscellaneous Notes and Actions

  • Angela has ordered 10-12 attachments for table mounting banner. Thanks, Angela!

ACTION: When the table attachments arrive, Angela will send them on to Cheryl.

  • Mark has created an excellent tube to contain and protect the PFLA Banner saving a bit of money for PFLA. He spent a lot of his time and created a very cost effective and more or less impervious tube out of PVC pipe - one of the ends is even in our PFLA color of purple!

ACTION: Mark and Louann will connect, put the PFLA banner in the tube and send the Banner/Tube to Cheryl for storage.

ACTION: Louann will complete the Procedures Manual and send out for review by middle of January.

ACTION: The survey of the membership has been tabled.

ACTION: Following additional discussion, it was agreed that Mark should convert our PFLA email list to a list server. We can set it up with a password and select who should be able to send to the list and administrate the list.