Attendees: Rick DeBellis, Elizabeth Grubb, Jennifer Hall, Mark Hammerschmith, Joy Jorgensen, Laurie Solum, Louann Friedland, Donetta Sheffold, Guest - Dina Pope

Absent: Cheryl Lyons, Rose Lacey

Call to Order at 1:00 PM - Jennifer

Elections Update


  • The proposed ballot was submitted and reviewed by the Board.
  • Dina, our Elections Coordinator this year, reported that she will send out the ballot with an end date of 5/15 and the elections will be complete by June 1st.
  • A write-in choice will be on the ballot.

ACTION: Dina will send out the ballot email and collate the results and report back to the PFLA after June 1st and prior to the June 4th meeting.

Karel Murphy Award Update


  • We have two nominations at this point - one of them is a repeat. Rick checked with them to make sure it was up-to-date.

ACTION: Rick will notify us of the winner in the next few weeks.

Next Year's Schedule


  • Laurie has all but March, April and May meetings scheduled for next year and she handed out the information for those meetings scheduled.
  • The President's Reception is scheduled for the spring and will be held near the end of April, 4:00-6:00 p.m.

ACTION: Laurie will send a note to Elizabeth regarding timing of the President's Reception.

ACTION: Everyone will send ideas to Laurie regarding events for March, April and May of next year.

Summer Professional Development with Daryl Dixon


  • This event is now scheduled for Wednesday, August 13th, 1:00-5:00 p.m.
  • Laurie is still looking for a location for this event.
  • It was felt that the model we used for the Fall Professional Development event worked well and that for this event we will charge around $45.00 (to be determined after room rental is resolved) and this will include membership.

June Year-End Meeting


  • Year-end meeting is on June 4th and will be held in the Arnold Gold Room.
  • Decorations will revolve around a Strawberry Shortcake theme.

ACTION: For potential speakers, Rick will contact Will Keim and Elizabeth will check with President Ray.

Other Special Meetings


  • Summer Retreat will be at Donetta's again on Wednesday, 7/23. It was agreed we will stuff PFLA brochures at this event for the fall events.
  • The follow-up Business Service Centers meeting will be scheduled.

ACTION: Laurie will work with Cheryl on setting up this meeting.

Board Member Reports

Report - President - Jennifer - nothing additional.

Report - Past President - Laurel - nothing additional.

Report - President Elect - Laurie - nothing additional.

Report - Membership - Elizabeth - no membership activity this month

Report - Secretary - Louann - Minutes were approved for the April 2nd meeting.

Report - Treasurer - Joy - we are doing well this year and have almost $4,000 in assets. She reminded everyone that we will have to pay for the President's Reception catering next fall. It was noted that we should really have around $5,000 on hand to pay for Professional Development.

Report - Member-At-Large - Rick - nothing additional.

Report - Member-At-Large - Donetta - she is reviewing the PFLA Procedures manual.