Attendees: Laurel Busse, Rick DeBellis, Elizabeth Grubb, Jennifer Hall, Joy Jorgensen, Laurie Solum, Louann Friedland, Donetta Sheffold

Absent: Cheryl Lyons, Rose Lacey, Mark Hammerschmith

Call to Order at 1:00 PM – Jennifer

Community Building Workshop Recap – Laurie

  • This was a successful, well-attended event and a follow-up event of the second half of Terryl’s presentation was approved by the Board to be held the last two weeks of June. They decided that a 3:00 -5:00 pm event with the possibility of an informal gathering afterwards would be good.
  • There was some good, spirited discussion in this Workshop! It was felt by Board members that at the next Workshop there should probably be an objectives setting exercise at the front and that there be just a bit more facilitation, not to inhibit participation, but to keep the discussion more on track.
  • It was suggested that we could possibly collect questions in a box at the back of the room for further exploration.

ACTION: Laurie will schedule the presenters.

ACTION: Laurel has a room that could be used and will work with Laurie to schedule.

Summer Professional Development with Darryl Dixon – Laurie

  • It was agreed that we should have this event in late August or early September before classes resume.
  • Evidently it would be $500 for a two hour workshop. The Board recommended that we make it four hours, charge membership as part of the fee like we did last fall.
  • There is possibly interest from Curt Pederson, Vice Provost for IS, in being a co-sponsor of this event.

ACTION: Laurie will schedule Darryl Dickson.

Karel Murphy Award Update – Rick DeBellis

  • All of the information has been disseminated for the Karel Murphy Award except for OSU Today and Rick will continue to work with them in getting this Award listed.
  • He has a full committee lined-up and ready to go.
  • Deadline for nominations is 5/1.
  • Nominations from last year can be resubmitted with revisions/updates for for this year.

Our Heros Award Status/Update – Laurel

  • Laurel reported that we have received two new nominations for “Our Heros”.
  • Board agreed to honor Paul Bollmann in EECS in April and the other nomination will be honored in May.

Elections Update - Jennifer

  • Jennifer confirmed that Dina Pope will be able to help with Board elections this year.
  • She has received interest from several people for Board membership for next year.
  • Note that Rick and Laurel are retiring from PFLA Board Membership for the coming year.

Board Member Reports

Report – President – Jennifer – nothing additional.

Report – Past President – Laurel – nothing additional.

Report – President Elect – Laurie – confirmed that the Summer Retreat will be at Donetta’s again on Wednesday, 7/23.

Report – Membership – Elizabeth – nothing additional.

Report – Secretary – Louann – Minutes were approved.

Report – Treasurer – Joy – waiting for a few bills from the workshop – current balance is $4,364.53.

Report – Member-At-Large - Rick – nothing additional.

Report – Member-At-Large – Donetta – several items:

  • Donetta voiced concern that the matrix is not working for her and she prefers procedures. Louann will put what has been submitted in matrix into a procedures format and send to each member to add and modify as needed.
  • Donetta and Laurel have documents that might be included in the procedures or sent to archive. They will review those documents and let the Board know if there is something that should be kept in a binder that is sent from president to president each year.
  • Board reviewed with Donetta each of the flyers in the PFLA Membership Brochure and there were a few corrections. Donetta will revise and send to the Board for Review. Will be used next year – a “brown bag” will be set up early next year to stuff the brochures.
  • Donetta recommended that we have a lunch meeting on the Emergency Preparedness Committees. Laurie will add this to the mix of the schedule of monthly meetings for next year.
  • Reminder to everyone to send extra PFLA information to Cheryl for storage. (what does this mean?)