Attendees: Jennifer Hall, Elizabeth Grubb, Louann Friedland, Rose Lacey, Cheryl Lyons, Joy Jorgensen, Mark Hammerschmith, Prudence Miles, Donetta Sheffold, Rick Debellis

Absent: Laurel Busse, Laurie Solum

Call to Order at 1:00 PM - Jennifer

Report - Professional Development - Rose

  • Report on the Steve Hanamura event October 16th in the Alumni Center Ballroom: Everything is set for the October event: email is out, flyer and post cards are finished.
  • Rose asked the Board to revisit the decision not to have a paid speaker in spring 2008. She feels that if we have two compelling events for this school year, it will give PFLA the useful profile – the profile that we “offer material and events that people want”. After some discussion and since it appears that there has been a good response to the Steve Hanamura event in October, the Board was more positive and voted to make a final decision at the next meeting (10/3) after additional membership payments and external contributions to the Steve Hanamura event are finalized reasoning that we want PFLA to remain fiscally sound.

ACTION: Rose will double-check with Laurie on the event details. Rose will take care of the catering one week before the event.

ACTION: Board will vote at the next meeting on having a compelling and well-known speaker for the spring Professional Development event.

Resignation – Member-at-Large – Prudence Miles will be moving on. She has promised to Jennifer a list of potential candidates to fill her position.

Report – University Day – Jennifer

  • Jennifer will be at the PFLA booth for the full time. Elizabeth and Louann will split the remaining time between them to assist Jennifer. Donetta will be available as needed. Setup will be at 10:30 a.m. The booth will run 11:00 – 2:00.
  • Louann suggested that the video of Steve Hanamura which is available on the web should be played on a laptop at the booth. University Day promotions include two sets of tickets to the OSU/Stanford game and two tickets to Salbasgeon Spa tickets. They will go to any PFLA member who signs up by October 1st. Drawing will be held at the October 3rd meeting.

ACTION: Jennifer will check with Laurel on the poster made for last year’s booth.

ACTION: Jennifer will bring a laptop with wireless access in order to play the video. She also will bring sign-up forms and flyers for people to sign up for the October Professional Event or become a PFLA member..

ACTION: Louann will bring candy to hand out at the booth.

Board Member Reports

Report – President – Jennifer

  • Jennifer asked that people donate meeting door prizes as her supply is running low.
  • Laurel is absent today – Jennifer says Laurel is starting to work on the Our Hero awards.
  • All is in place for the President’s Reception for PFLA on Thursday, October 11th.

ACTION: Board members bring door prizes for monthly meetings to Jennifer.

Report – Membership – Elizabeth

  • Elizabeth reported that she has sent an email to all members who did not sign up last year, encouraging them to sign up.
  • Our goal is 100 members and we now have 65 – a lot of them were brought in with the sign up for Steve Hanamura event.

ACTION: The PFLA mailing list owner is now Cheryl and it needs to go to Elizabeth. Mark will work with Cheryl and Elizabeth to determine what needs to be done. It may need to move to a different mailing list system.

Report – Marketing – Cheryl

  • The newsletter is out and looks great – Cheryl has absorbed the cost of 100 color copies and will send a note to Joy regarding the cost of black and white copies to be made for distribution at University day.

Report – Secretary – Louann

  • Louann asked for approval on the Minutes of the Board Meeting. Donetta has a few typographical corrections but otherwise everyone has approved.
  • The speech by Jeff Hale for the Monthly Meeting was inspirational.

ACTION: Louann will work with Mark to get Donetta’s corrections on the web site.

ACTION: Louann will write-up her notes on the presentation by Jeff Hale and Mark will add them to the web site.

ACTION: Louann will work on the “can of worms” and accompanying process with Jennifer before the next meeting.

Report – Treasurer – Joy

  • Joy went over the Treasurer’s Report as of September 12, 2007.
  • Totals: Income - $2,785.00 and Expenses - $769.40 with a net gain of $2,015.60.

Report – Web Services Director - Mark

  • Mark reports that he feels that he has caught up with work required for the website.
  • There was some question about the correct version of the Hanamura event flyer being on the website.

ACTION: Cheryl will work with Mark to make sure that the correct version of the flyer is on the web.

Report – Members-at-Large – Rick and Donetta

  • Nothing to report today.