Attendees: Laurel Busse, Rick Debellis, Louann Friedland, Jennifer Hall, Mark Hammerschmith, Joy Jorgensen, Rose Lacey, Donetta Sheffold, Laurie Solum

Absent: Elizabeth Grubb, Cheryl Lyons

Call to Order at 1:00 PM – Jennifer

Report - Professional Development - Rose

  • Report on the Steve Hanamura event October 16th in the Alumni Center Ballroom - everything is set for the October event. We have actually brought in a number of new PFLA members by including membership with attendance as an election.
  • With the additional enrollment that Joy discovered after our meeting, we have met our 100 paid members goal! Any additional are icing on the cake – more fun people to have in PFLA!
  • Some increase to costs were noted due to additional funds required from Catering, etc. when an event is held in the Alumni Center Hall.
  • It was unanimous that the three way split with Housing and Dining and Enrollment Management and the Provost was the main contributor to making this event beneficial for PFLA and will be used again. Thanks to Joy, Laurie and Jennifer!
  • The Board discussed at length about having a winter or spring compelling and well-known speaker Professional Development event and the vote was to actually wait until next fall and build up a reserve of funds.

ACTION: Rose will complete the catering order Tuesday – Joy will get let Rose know the final count by Monday, 10/8. The catering order will be for exactly the number of registrations plus the speaker and guest (catering automatically adds approximately 10% to cover contingencies).

ACTION: Rose will research more speakers for the Fall 2008 Professional Development event.

ACTION: Rose will get the OSU Today to include an article on Steve Hanamura on Monday.

ACTION: Louann will send out an email, leveraging Rose’s, reminding people of Steve Hanamura event.

ACTION: Rose will get the OSU Today to include an article on Steve Hanamura on Monday.

ACTION: Laurie will get the OSU Today to include articles regarding our Monthly Meetings on a regular basis.

Some discussion was held around attendance at Monthly Meetings and the need to increase participation.

ACTION: Rick will check with the MU Restaurant Managers that he has contact with regarding special coupons for members at the MU restaurants on Monthly Meeting days to help increase meeting attendance.

ACTION: Joy will email the current and past year membership list to the Board so that we can begin some personal contact to bring people into PFLA and Monthly Meetings.

Report – December Silent Auction Plans


  • Laurie is working with OSU Catering for the food.
  • The title for the event will be the “PFLA Winter Gala” with purple/silver/white as the decoration colors.

ACTION: Board Members have committed to contributing two auction items each. They can be something homemade, purchased – whatever will attract a buyer! These need to be to Laurie by November 30th. You should also include a recommended minimum bid. (ideas included: home made jam in a basket, scarf, three wick candle)

ACTION: Louann will work on the decoration plan with Cheryl and Laurie – she will use the appropriate colors and report back next month. It was suggested using ice balloons as candle centerpieces – candles are not allowed, however.

ACTION: Using white poinsettias to decorate with and then give as the door prize was suggested and Donetta will check with a possible supplier.

Report – Administrative Policies/Procedures Subcomittee Report


  • The list of policies and procedures has been drafted. Members who met were Donetta, Jo Dee Bernal, Laurie Solum, Rose Lacey and Jennifer Hall.
  • It is expected that the procedures will be completed and made into a handbook by the end of June, 2008.
  • The Subcommittee recommended that each of the Board Members pick at least one of the procedures to work on.

ACTION: Laurie will send the Prioritized List of Procedures to the Board Members. Each Board Member will sign up to participate in drafting the new procedures.

Report – Our Heros Award status update


  • Laurel is starting to work on this after a bit of a slow start due to various issues.
  • Linda Hoyser, Laurel and Louann will be the committee for this award.

ACTION: The Subcommittee will work on getting nominations, creating certificates, getting flowers from "Stargazaers Premeir Florist", and presenting the award to the monthly winners.

Board Member Reports

Report – President – Jennifer

  • Jennifer asked that people donate meeting door prizes as her supply is running low.
  • Remember to attend the President’s Reception for PFLA on Thursday, October 11th.

ACTION: Board members please bring door prizes for monthly meetings to Jennifer.

Report – Membership – Elizabeth is absent

Report – Marketing – Cheryl is absent

Report – Secretary – Louann

  • Board agreed that the “CanOWorms” ice breaker and the nametags worked out well for our lunch meeting this month.

ACTION: Louann will turn over the nametags to Elizabeth and explain how to generate new ones.

Report – Treasurer – Joy

  • Joy went over the Treasurer’s Report as of October. Totals: Income - $4,405 and Expenses - $1,644 – does not include catering and other expenses for the Steve Hanamura event.

Report – Web Services Director - Mark

  • Nothing to report today.

Report – Members-at-Large – Rick and Donetta

Nothing to report today.