Attendees: Laurel Busse, Rick Debellis, Louann Friedland, Jennifer Hall, Mark Hammerschmith, Joy Jorgensen, Elizabeth Grubb, Cheryl Lyons, Laurie Solum

Absent: Rose Lacey, Donetta Sheffold

Call to Order at 1:00 PM – Jennifer

Follow-up/Debrief on the Steve Hanamura Event


  • Generally, the event was viewed as very entertaining. It was a bit on the light side, with tried and true “management seminar” learning’s and knowledge which is generally true of management events. It was felt that the diversity issue was well represented in having Steve Hanamura. Others noted that the networking part of the seminar was particularly valuable.
  • Next time, we will allot more than $10 a person so that a continental breakfast can be served in addition to coffee service and maybe some pre-event tasting of the dishes could be accomplished.
  • It seemed in conversations that some people wondered what PFLA is about. The suggestion was made to include the website link or even the vision in general notes to the constituency. Also, there was some question as to where their PFLA dues are spent. It was noted that dues are spent on professional development events, “Our Heros” awards, etc.

ACTION: Elizabeth will follow-up with Donetta on a question from President Ray regarding more involvement in Professional Faculty issues as accomplished at Ohio State. It was felt that Donetta had visited this issue a couple of years ago and even participated in a conference calls with them.

December Winter Gala and Silent Auction


  • Laurie reports that the plans for the Winter Gala are on track at this point. She will check with Angela and see what is possible for Catering to provide for the “tasting”. Evidently the samples can be more work and may be an additional cost.
  • The Silent Auction will be held from 12:00 to 12:40 and payments collected following. Some items have already been received, including a gift certificate from Stargazers Florist and some OSU stadium blankets from Athletics. Keep ‘em coming!
  • The lunch at the Winter Gala will be paid by members and money will be collected in advance.
  • Decorations will be in silver and purple with white poinsettias as part of the table centerpieces and a couple of others which will be door prizes also.
  • Decorations will be in silver and purple with white poinsettias as part of the table centerpieces which will be door prizes also.
  • We also have 10 two-seat tickets for a Women’s Basketball game which have been donated and will be given out in pairs for five door prizes at the Gala

ACTION: Laurie will check with Catering and send a sample invitation for the Winter Gala for people to save the date and a menu for review by the Board by Monday.

ACTION: Board members need to get their Silent Auction items to Laurie by Monday 11/26. Give her a call - they can be either delivered to her or she will pick them up.

ACTION: Elizabeth will check to see if the President and Provost will be able to attend.

ACTION: Cheryl and Louann will talk more regarding decorations via phone and email in the coming weeks.

Follow-up on President’s Reception


  • In a general brainstorming session, it was felt that there were 88 people invited and only 25 were able to attend. It was stated by Shelly that probably for the same amount of money, a lunch for 88 would be less expensive. Also, the time of year may be too busy.
  • If it is held at the University, it should be in a more casual setting if possible. Jennifer said that wine can be served – simply requires getting an alcohol permit.

ACTION: The President’s Reception will be moved to the spring, with the next one to be held spring of 2009. It will be held 4:00 to 6:00 p.m., and if possible in a more casual setting in a venue such as the “Learning Lounge” in the MU.

ACTION: Laurie will contact Shelly to investigate our options and report back to the board.

Our Heros Award Status Update


  • Laurel reported that an October “Our Heros” was presented and passed around the OSU This Week with the article.
  • Laurel has developed new guidelines for the Our Heros Award process which include procedures for issues that may develop in selecting nominees for the Award.
  • A new nominee is in the works and the team of Laurel, Louann and Linda Hoyser will work on the certificates and presentations for this one and future nominees.
  • The certificate holders were reviewed and discussed by the Board. It was decided that $50 per year should be spent on the certificate holders.

ACTION: Laurel will send out the new guidelines for the Board’s review and approval.

ACTION: Laurel will make a note to add a reminder in the OSU this week announcements about upcoming PFLA meetings and the donation from Stargazer Florist for the flowers.

ACTION: Laurel will order the new certificate holders and if the price is better, she will order for two years.

Board Member Reports

Report – President – Jennifer

  • She thanked the Board for the great discussion around candy sales. We will look for other than door-to-door sales to fund raise for PFLA in order to maintain a more professional demeanor. Please send her any ideas you have for fund raising.
  • She is setting up a special meeting with Sabah on Thursday 11/29, noon to 1:00, MU 211 regarding the new Business and Service Centers initiative and pilots.

ACTION: Board members please send any fund raising ideas to the Board or Jennifer as the email discussion forum works well.

ACTION: Jennifer will send out a notice regarding the 11/29 meeting.

Report – Membership – Elizabeth Grubb – reports that we have 107 regular members and 9 associate.

Report – Marketing – Cheryl - reports that she will get the October Newsletter next Monday.

Report – Secretary – Louann – Nothing today

Report – Treasurer – Joy

  • Joy went over the Treasurer’s Report as of October. Total YTD: Income - $7,640 and Expenses - $4,445.97 with a Net Gain of $3,394.03 – some expenses for the Steve Hanamura event are outstanding still.

ACTION: Laurie will check with Joy Asbury on how the actual transfers of funds was supposed to take place from the Provost's office for the Steve Hanamura event.

ACTION: Jennifer will forward the email from Sara Eklund to Joy so she can collect PFLA’s portion of the Professional Faculty Leadership Funds.

ACTION: Jennifer and Laurie will get receipts to Joy.

Report – Web Services Director – Mark – Nothing today.

Report – Members-at-Large – Rick and Donetta