Attendance: Laurel Busse, Sheri Woods, Lyle Leaming, Dawn Eastlick, Prudence Miles, Donetta Sheffold, Keahi McFadden, Cheryl Lyons


I. Call to Order-1:15 p.m.

II. Noon meeting debrief, where to go from here with a C2D project

Members watched one of the Voices Project videos that were provided by Community and Diversity. Terry Ross, Director of Community and Diversity facilitated a discussion following the video. A suggestion was made to contact the Cultural Centers and arrange for one of the videos to be shown at the Center and invite PFLA members to join in. The session would consist of ½ hour video and ½ discussion. Laurel and Dawn will work on this project and will check on equipment availability at each of the Centers. Another suggestion was to have PFLA make their own Voices Project video to represent professional faculty. Fear of retaliation may keep people from volunteering to be interviewed.

Discussion on this topic will continue.

III. Report from each board member regarding projects you are working on, including:

Bylaws vote update


A recommendation to remove the dollar amount charged for membership from the bylaws was made by Donetta, based on the dues being a number that can change and it would seem more beneficial if the organization structured all parts of the bylaws so they would stand over a long period of time. This type of item is more a "housekeeping" issue and should be kept in the new administrative guidelines that are being developed by a sub-committee including Laurel and Donetta. The bylaws would then read: "An annual membership fee will be paid when joining the Association." Laurel made a motion to remove the dollar amount from the bylaws and Sheri seconded the motion. Motion was approved by the Board so the dollar amount being removed from the bylaws will be one of the items included on the bylaws ballot. Should the bylaws changes be approved by the membership; the dues amount will be moved to the new administrative guidelines being created. Donetta will make sure all changes to the bylaws are made before sending them out for membership approval.

Pens and Karel Murphy award process update


Pens have arrived and one was distributed to each of the attending board members. Rose is working with the distributor to get a discount since the pens did not arrive by University Day as requested. Rose is working on documenting the process for the Karel Murphy award. Laurel would like Laurie and Lyle to work on forecasting and projecting the probability of PFLA being able to sustain the cash award amount over the next 5 years. The award recipient receives a clock and $1000 cash. A focus on increasing and retaining membership would help the organization. Cheryl continues to send information to new professional faculty members as they begin working at OSU. Providing topics of interest and cutting edge speakers may be a way of getting members to attend meetings.

Treasurer Report

Lyle for Laurie Solum

A budget was prepared and inserted on spreadsheet. The majority of expenses to date are from the Karel Murphy award. Most of the upcoming expenses will be for the professional development workshops.

Web Services


The flyer for the upcoming November 7th professional development has been updated with a link to view the information in PDF format. Sheri is working on updating the position descriptions on the website as well.

Professional Development


Laurel will be introducing the guest speakers at the November 7th professional development session titled "The Invisible Walls of the Ivory Tower". The PFLA reception at the President's residence is scheduled for November 29th.

Table display

Cheryl put together a table display for the University Day event since the canvas display has been misplaced. The current display will be used for Training Days on November 14th and 15th.

Discussion on this topic will continue.

PFLA Winter Gala

The gala will be held on December 6th at West Dining Hall. Laurel and Cheryl will work on finding entertainment for the event. A buffet lunch and door prizes will be provided. The board will decide if a small fee will be charged for the lunch or not. Dawn will prepare a flyer and Cheryl will send it out to the membership.

IV. Adjourn: 2:25 p.m.