ATTENDEES: Scott Elmshaeuser, Jennifer Hall, Carlene Moorefield, Lyle Leaming, Steve Fowler, Jean-Luc Devis, Donetta Sheffold, Keahi McFadden


  1. Approval of Minutes of November 2, 2005 Yes
  2. Affiliation with Academic Affairs Meeting of Dec 6 Debrief
    Lyle & Laurel: On or around July 1, 2006 we (PFLA) become an Auxillary Enterprise for the campus, sponsored by Provost Office (see e-mail from Diana Barkelew), Board will review and make decision if this is acceptable
  3. December Gala
    • Thanks to those who helped decorate
    • Thanks to Laurel for the wonderful entertainment
    • Thanks to all who attended
    • Thanks to Lyle for taking care of the finances
  4. News Letter - January 2006
    1. Articles
      • Jo Dee - Our Hero Award for January
      • Jo Dee - Report on Winter Gala
      • Jennifer - Membership
      • Laurel Feb Meeting
      • Carlene Professional Development
      • Keahi-Monthly Meeting Prize Winners
      • Articles due to Jean Luc by Jan 23
      • Newsletter to be sent out Jan 30
      • Other
  5. Professional Development - Carlene
    Winter Conference - Carlene
    Cascade Counseling Maximum of 30 people, 20 already registered, change in time of start 9-12, question about non-members (ok to take part as long as they at prof. faculty)
  6. Our Hero Awards
    1. September - Anne Herrington, HR Coord Extension
    2. October - Elizabeth Wallace, Printing and Mailing
    3. November - Mike Meeker, OSU Catering
    4. December - None
    5. January - Brian Stroup - Debrief
    6. Date of award - Mon, Jan 9 10:30 am Marketplace West East Conference Room went well, very surprised. Discussed that those attending introduce themselves so everyone knows more about PFLA
  7. Refunds for Memberships
    • Request from Leigh Larkin to refund via Liz Newcomb of HR no refund per board meeting vote
  8. Other
    • Discuss project ideas that were gathered in our November meeting and see what "next steps" will be. Was a web survey done to get membership feedback? Laurel has the feedback discuss next session
  9. Member Reports:
    1. Jo Dee Bernal, President - No report as on Vacation
    2. Laurel Busse, President Elect sick
    3. Scott Elmshaeuser, Past President here
    4. Jennifer Hall, Membership here
    5. Karen Guthreau, Secretary
    6. Carlene Moorefield, Professional Development here
    7. Lyle Leaming, Treasurer discussed finances
    8. Steve Fowler, Web Services Director here (look at website)
    9. Jean-Luc Devis, Marketing here
    10. Rose Lacey, Member-at-Large
    11. Donetta Sheffold, Member-at-Large here (discussed PFLA meeting with the president on Firday 17th 10-11:30)
    12. Nagwa Naguib, Member-at-Large
    13. Keahi McFadden, Member-at-Large here