Minutes fom March 1, 2006 were not approved-awaiting distribution from Karen to Board members

Future of PFLA-Affiliation with Academic Affairs

Go over questions from Board members-see attached

  • Will the answers to these questions affect the ability to move forward?
  • 2 choices-Make transition to auxiliary status or be independent organization
  • As an Independent organization PFLA will begin paying outside rates for facility use and unable to utilize email
  • Decision should be made regardless of whether or not other similar organizations have to make the change
  • PFLA not advocate for professional faculty that is the role of Faculty Senate

Where to from here?

Changes to by-laws have been made by Lyle

  • Have Jacque Rudolph and Becky Johnson review before sending out to membership
  • Membership to approve by-law changes
  • Approval to use PFLA logo as long as it follows university guidelines
  • Continue Karel Murphy award

Lyle researched OSU archives-Historically PFLA was allowed to exist to relieve anxiety and keep management from forming union

Motion-Laurel made a motion based on discussion in the past and meetings with Jacque Rudolph and Becky Johnson to have PFLA become an auxiliary group as of July 1, 2006. Lyle second the motion
All in favor: Jean-Luc, Laurel, Jennifer, Lyle, Jo Dee, Steve

Motion-To have a Student work on newsletter and be paid at $25/newsslletter was proposed. Jean-Luc second the motion
All in favor: Laurel, Jennifer, Lyle, Jean-Luc, Jo Dee, Steve

Action Items:

  1. Request guidelines and rules PFLA will adhere to as an auxiliary Jacque
  2. Newsletter notification to membership in July
  3. Continue discussions with Jacque and Becky through email
  4. Sent meeting minutes to Jacque and Becky


Nominations: Susan Dobbie is the Elections/Nominations Committee Chair

  1. President-Elect- Jennifer Hall
  2. Treasurer- Laurie Solum
  3. Secretary- Keahi McFadden
  4. Web Master- Sheri Woods
  5. Marketing- Jean-Luc Devis
  6. Membership
  7. Professional Development

Action items:

  1. The Board will check with current members to run for office
  2. Use return receipt function in email to gauge how many people are reading Elections ballot

Professional Development

  • Plans for Spring-partner with Engineering with guest speaker Dr. Valerie Young on May 18
  • Jo Dee will get additional information and discuss the event through email



  1. Jo Dee-Our Hero Award for April-DyAnn McVicker
  2. Jennifer-Membership not in this newsletter-replaced with ballot form
  3. Jo Dee- April meeting summary
  4. Carlene Professional Development
  5. Keahi-Monthly Meeting Prize Winners- Kari smith and Laurel Busse OSU gear and stickers
  6. Articles due to Jean-Luc by April 17th
  7. Newsletter sent out on April 26th
  8. Other-Laurel will get a speaker for June meeting

Our Hero Award

No nominations for May but submissions are wanted

Karel Murphy Award

Jennifer Hall

Link to faculty senate pages with deadline for submissions on Friday April 7th

June End of Year Celebration

June 28 (no July meeting)


  1. Decorations
  2. Food
  3. Article for Newsletter


Member reports

Lyle-Treasurer reports one new member last month-Tri Schodorf
Jennifer-Send outlook calendar invite to membership at beginning of year once meeting scheduled is proposed