Present: Scott Elmshaeuser, Jo Dee Bernal, Rose Lacey, Laurie Bridges, Steve Fowler, Donetta Sheffold, Jodi Nelson, Lyle Leaming, Jennifer Hall,   Nagwa Naguib and Rose Lacey.

The President called the meeting to order at 12:05 p.m.


1. Scott welcomed our newest Executive Board Member, Steve Fowler, who has agreed to be our Web Services Director.

2. Scott received a letter of resignation from Edie Blakley and said he would not be filling the position at this time with only 4 months left in the term of office.

3. The student appreciation day we discussed at the last meeting has not been organized yet. Jodi Nelson asked to be contacted when arrangements are put in place. Scott suggested PFLA make little bags of candy to hand out from 11-1. We will make 1-2 hundred bags and this would probably only cost $20-30. When the bags are all handed out, our job will be done. Jodi contacted Edie regarding her students being able to assist us with filling the bags. Scott will follow up within the next two weeks with Linda (MUPC Office) regarding this event.

4. The Executive Board discussed the conversation some of the members had with Jacque Rudolph regarding the Union requesting campus privileges such as office space, telephone and mail service, etc. Jacque is facing arbitration on this issue, probably in May, and she needs to be clear on why PFLA, AOP, etc. are different than the union. Scott suggested getting this worked out soon. Scott will speak with Joy regarding the history of the Provost account PFLA has. He will so have a conversation with Gigi who is checking on whether the Provost’s office would like to be affiliated with PFLA. Scott will then make a formal request of the Provost to place us “under their umbrella”.

5. The April Executive Board Meeting has been changed to Wednesday, April 13th, from 12-2. A meeting room will be found and information will go out when it is finalized.

6. Please send any changes you have for the web to Steve Fowler.

7. Pres. Elect, Jo Dee Bernal, reminded everyone that Deb Fernandez will be at the membership meeting on April 6th. Luanne Lawrence, Vice President for University Advancement will be speaking at the June meeting.

The last Wednesday in June, the 29th, will be our annual celebration.

8. Jennifer Hall, Director of Membership, reported membership increased by 17 due to the Paul Axtell workshop. We now have 100 members with 7 of those being complementary memberships. It was suggested we do another Axtell workshop, or something like it, during the Fall to be part of a membership drive.

9. Treasurer, Lyle Leaming, will send his report to us by e-mail.

Submitted by Donetta Sheffold