ATTENDEES: Rose Lacey, Scott Elmshaeuser, Jodi Nelson, Edie Blakeley, Jean-Luc Devis (new member-at-large), Lyle Leaming, Karen Guthreau


Student Appreciation Day:

Student Appreciation Day is planned to take place at the end of the year, most likely around June 4 during dead week. It will begin at 11:00 am and run until 3:00 or 4:00 pm. There will be six to eight themes and each organization would take on a couple of themes. The organizations that will be included are: PFLA, OAP, and Faculty Senate. This sound like something we would want to participate in.

  • ACTION ITEM: Scott will contact Michael Henthorne to come to our next meeting and discuss this with us in more detail.

Human Resources - Jodi Nelson:

Jodi reported that Jacki Rudolf announced at another meeting she attended, there are some union challenges regarding groups not sanctioned by a particular department and their use of campus facilities, lists, etc. PFLA falls into this category.

  • ACTION ITEM: Jodi will invite Jacki to meet with the Board to discuss this in more detail.


Scott asked Keahi McFadden to chair the PFLA elections, replacing Debbie Jimmerson who recently retired.

Board Member Reports:

President Elect:

JoDee Bernal won the election for the President Elect position vacated by Dana Arnett.

Professional Development:

We have received matching funds from PFDF to help fund the February Paul Axtel workshop. This workshop will be free to the membership. There will be a $15 charge for non-members, which will include a one-time discounted membership to PFLA.

  • ACTION ITEM: Scott will pass on to Laurie for marketing.

Sam Stern will be presenting out spring workshop on Corporate Creativity. We will aim for mid to late April for this event.


A subcommittee will be devleoped on how to disseminate information regarding PFLA and PFLA sponsored events. Rose Lacey and Jean-Luc Devis expressed an interest.

  • ACTION ITEM: Scott will ask other board member if they are interested.

One solution discussed as to develop our own mailing list.


The treasurers report was distributed and discussed.


The minutes from the November 17, 2004, meeting were distributed, discussed, and approved with some minor changes.