PRESENT: Jean-Luc Davis. Lyle Leaming, Jo Dee Bernal, Rose Lacey, Jennifer Hall, Scott Elmshaueser, Nagwa Naguib, Karen Guthreau, Keahi McFadden

GUEST: Prudence Miles

President Elect

We are looking for a new President Elect and the duties were discussed as follows: coordinates monthly meetings, secures speakers, and attends meetings. There was some talk of considering a co-leader. Some people were suggested and they are listed below, along with the names of those who will talk with them:

  • Laurel Busse (Rose/Scott)
  • Sherry Woods (Rose)
  • Tammy Smith (Scott)
  • Kavinda (Jean-Luc)

Student Appreciation Day


After some discussion of what are expectations and understandings were for this event, we decided to postpone our involvement until next year.

Sexual Harassment

Prudence Miles

Prudence Miles attended our meeting today to discuss OSU's Sexual Harassment policy. Currently the policy OSU has is very vague and gives little to no guidance on how to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. She wanted out feedback as to what we thought sexual harassment was and what was considered acceptable behavior. Relationships between: 1) Student/Professor, 2) Employee/Supervisor. Should such relationships be prohibited? Should there be a policy to deal with these relationships? Should an online training program for all employees be made available?

Forward any FAQ type questions to Prudence to put on the website.

Professional Development Marketing


Laurie has created a flyer and distributed it a month ago. She will advertise in OSU today and ask people to RSVP to Nagwa.

Budgeting for Meeting Rooms

Next year there will be a charge to use the UHDS conference room. In the past this has been waived. We will consider finding a new place to meet each month.

PFLA Affiliation

In follow-up to a previous discussion, it looks as if we'll be able to affiliate with Academic Affairs.


President Elect (Jo Dee)

5/4/05 - Open Source with Scott Kveton

6/29/05 - PFLA Wrap-up Meeting with new Board Members

Past President (Rose)

To date we have received 5 nominations for the Murphy Award