Present: Board members present were Rose Lacey, Donetta Sheffold, Karel Murphy, Paul D'Orazio, Jan Mosley, Dana Arnett, Jo Dee Bernal, Edie Blakley, and Debbie Jimmerson. A quorum was present.


Our Hero Awards: Tina Green asked for clarification on how the nominations are submitted for the Our Hero awards.

AI: Dana will route the Our Hero forms to Tina and indicate the procedure on the web site.

Rose had the Board sign cards she prepared to thank former Board members Sandy Piper and Laurel Busse for their service this year.

Additions and corrections were requested for the February minutes. It was moved and seconded to approve the February minutes, the motion passed. Debbie will distribute the minutes to the membership list and send them to Dana for inclusion on the web site.

Scott asked Rose to report that we had been asked to co-sponsor a program with AOP on April 28, Keeping Cancer Out of Your Life.@ The financial commitment involved would be paying for half of the meeting room. Discussion indicated this was a good collaboration, it was moved and seconded to participate. The motion passed.

AI: Scott will notify Sherri regarding the cost involved for the room when the arrangements are made.

President's Updates

Donetta provided copies of the PD=s for the Board positions. It was clarified that the PD=s are supplemental information and are not to be incorporated into the Bylaws. The PD=s were prepared in time for this year=s elections so candidates would have a better idea of the duties and time commitment involved with being a Board member. Some revisions were suggested:

Secretary: The estimated time commitment was omitted, Debbie will relay that information so it can be included.

Treasurer: Delete the math requirement, work a bit on the wording to make the job seem less scary, suggested time commitments were 8 to 16 hours during the membership drive and 6 hours during the rest of the year. There was a discussion on whether this should be a 2-year position, which would involve a change in the Bylaws. It was pointed out that the Bylaws already allow a Board member to run for a second consecutive term.

Overall Board Expectations: It was suggested to include the phrase Aif at all possible@ in regard to attendance at PFLA events. Attendance at Board meetings is more critical. Include in #1 that Board members will notify the President if they are unable to attend a Board meeting. There was a short discussion about whether some items needed to be included, as much of the information is common ground rules. Dana felt it was helpful information for new Board members to see the expectations involved and others agreed that was a good point.

AI: Donetta will do the revisions and make the PD=s available to the Board and the Elections Committee. Dana will add the information to the web site.

6. Elections: Jo Dee and Debbie will get elections information to the PFLA membership with a deadline of March 31 to have nominations back to the Elections Committee. The slate of candidates is to be presented to the Board at the April meeting for verification of eligibility. The vote will be conducted in May.

AI: Donetta indicated there are a few members not on the e-mail list and she will get the contact information for those to Jo Dee.

AI: Board members are encouraged to talk to possible candidates for Board positions. Rose asked that each Board member contact one to three people.

7. The Board discussed formation of a new award. Additional details will be available as the award develops.

8. Professional Development: Scott asked Rose to report that he has been working with Jodi Nelson and Jay Johns and they are finding a date for a future presentation.

9. Membership: Donetta indicated membership is now 137. Edie said one of their new hires had not received information about PFLA yet. Donetta said she would follow up on the new hire list to see when the mailing to new employees will go out.

10. Luncheon Meetings: Several issues of concern to professional faculty were written down at the March 3 meeting. Paul indicated we need to make sure to follow-up on these concerns in future meetings. There was discussion about reorganizing the meetings slightly to allow time to revisit issues on a regular basis. Suggestions were to shorten the presentation time, do networking every other meeting, do the drawing at 12:05 to encourage early arrival, and starting the issues discussion promptly at 12:10.

Dr. White is planning to attend our April meeting if at all possible.

AI: A suggested topic for future discussion is the professional faculty evaluation form. The evaluation form is still in the formative stages and there is still opportunity for input.


The meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m.