Present: Donetta, Sandy, Karel, Dana and Scott.

President's Updates

1. Discussion about need for more help – is it time to think about replacing people – can we do this? It is turning out that we just plain need more help in order to meet our goals.
a. How to move forward when low turnouts at Exec. Bd. Mtgs. People out on personal leave and people very busy.

Discussion: Exec Board Secretary – Laurel Busse – resigning and Karel will look into finding another member at large to help. Dana Arnett is currently acting as Secretary until someone else is selected or appointed.

2. Discussion about why Members at Large don’t vote – seems weird, in the group they are some of the hardest workers are always there and supportive, yet can’t vote?
Topics to be discussed at next meeting include:

a) By laws changes for members at large.
b) Board Members responsibilities and commitments.
c) Elected versus non-elected members.
d) Exec Board – elected.
e) Members at large – appointed by President.
f) Absent voting members can give their proxy to the board.

Board Reports


Descriptions for Board positions
(This was started but unable to be concluded. It was moved to the next meeting when more members could hopefully be present and add to the discussion).

b. Election of Officers – procedure and timeline.
c. Election committee needs to provide a list of meetings, a list of candidates for position will be presented to Board.
d. May is election.
e. June meeting present new Board members say goodbye to old.

3. Web update and calendar event – Dana created a PFLA calendar using the Calendar events managed by LaSalle’s Stewart Center. This is a free tool. All PFLA events were listed on the new calendar and future events for our meetings to be joined to the OSU master calendar. Dana is attending a tutorial to learn how to use this calendar more effectively to help PFLA get events scheduled and promoted. We should be able to link the PFLA calendar from our web page for future exposure.

4. Our Hero’s – Presidents charge to Board for Standing Awards and Scholarships committee.
Proposal needs further discussion: Rose would like to see a new committee for the Hero’s Award, which would include two other members to help coordinate the Our Hero’s Award. It was decided by the board members present that further discussion would be required to decide on if the Hero’s Coordinator should be a Member at Large. Past president Donetta indicated there will most likely need to be a review of the current By Laws. Re: members at large

Dana suggested current member Steve Fowler be considered for new member at large position. Dana also suggested the new Hero’s Award Coordinator be current member, Tina Green. Dana will contact both of these members which have indicated they were interested in being more involved in the board and membership.
This discussion will be continued via email with the board.

5. Photos for webpage – Sheffold
Donetta reported the fee for individual photos is $20.00 and $30.00 for a group. Tentatively we will try to schedule a photo shoot at 1:45 February 4th, 2004.

6. Discuss process when membership is included in price of seminar.

7. Communication to membership
Note from Board? – recap of year up to now?
Distribution of minutes to membership list
Are we going to get committees going?
Professional development – Paul Axtell has agreed to help with an event, date and time TBD.


Open discussion Karel, Rose, Donetta, Dana:
Review of descriptions of board: Commitment to vision of the organization.
Retreat – Honor past board members at the retreat with more celebration.

Donetta will follow up with a proposal, which was suggested for the June celebration.

One suggestion was a celebration of the middle management and supervisors who have helped make the year successful for PFLA members and board. Proposed blurb (needs edit and confirmation from Donetta). We recognize that this is a commitment to be involved in the PLFA. The time that is allowed from each department for board members to serve is essential to the success of the PLFA. We thank you for allowing your staff to participate this past year in the PFLA.
June Celebration: Have a speaker, present new board and thank the old, thank the supervisors for their staff to participate.


It was asked that previous minutes be sent to board to review and January minutes to board for approval. Also, add archives for past minutes.

President Elect


Past President





Next month’s agenda:

  1. Audit needed for PFLA books.
  2. Edie – Past President archives needed from previous year organizational records submitted to University archives.
  3. Dana -Update of Calendar Event tutorial.
  4. Bylaws changes need to be completed by March Board Meeting. Proposed changes to be presented to board at the February meeting.
  5. Review numbers 3-8 from the above agenda to next meeting 2-4-04.
  6. Hero’s charge to be sent out to board to be discussed