The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. Members present were Rose Lacey, Jo Dee Bernal, Donetta Sheffold, Dana Arnett, Paul D'Orazio, Edie Blakley, Scott Elmshaeuser, Karel Murphy, Jan Mosley, and Debbie Jimmerson.

Rose asked if there were additions or corrections to the December minutes. It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes, the motion passed.

Tina Green was introduced as the new coordinator for the Our Hero awards. Susan Dobbie has also volunteered to be on the committee.

AI: Donetta indicated she would get names to Tina of people who volunteered to help in some way on the membership forms.

Two nominations have been submitted for the committee to review. The Board members pledged to attend the awards presentations as their schedules allow so there is good representation from PFLA. Tina said she would notify the Board about when the presentations are scheduled as early as possible so the dates can get onto people=s calendars. Tina will also contact Steve Swanson to have him cover the awards presentations for OSU This Week. Dana indicated that we=d like to add pictures to the Our Heroes section of the web page. It was noted that we must make sure pictures are allowed, and perhaps limit access to the Our Hero section to OSU employees if we do incorporate pictures. It was suggested that Tina send out reminders to the membership on a quarterly basis to encourage nominations for the award. Dana Arnett will be the liaison between the Board and Tina.

AI: Rose will give the list of Board members to Tina for announcements, they are also on the web site.

New board members who are filling in positions on the board for the rest of this year were welcomed to the meeting. Jan Mosley was introduced as a new member-at-large and Debbie Jimmerson was introduced as Secretary. Both have previously served on the PFLA Board.

Dana reported that the PFLA calendar was now set up on the OSU calendar and that our meetings are appearing in the calendar in OSU This Week. Some board members commented that the list of meetings seems difficult to find on our web site. The web site must follow the OSU template, which causes some challenges. Dana indicated he would see if he could make this information more accessible.

Scott indicated a professional development session on Leadership has been scheduled with Paul Axtell for the morning of February 25. He is confirming a location for the session. Scott also indicated he has applied for university professional development funds for this activity through the Provost=s office to pay for half the costs involved. It was proposed that there be refreshments available at the beginning of the meeting. Karel indicated that Paul Axtell may have some preferences about what is served so people are most attentive.

AI: Scott will contact Paul before deciding on refreshments.

AI: Board members are to get the word out about this workshop to boost attendance. Scott will let the Board know if he needs any other help the day of the session.

Donetta reported we now have 133 members.

Paul reported on upcoming speakers at the luncheons. Jill Schuster will be the March speaker, Provost White is scheduled for April, and Marianne Vydra is scheduled for May.

AI: Paul will contact Sabah Randhawa as a back-up speaker in April if needed. He will also work with Dana to provide a write-up on the web page for Marianne Vydra.

The June program will be a wrap-up session for this year and a transition time for introducing new board members and saying goodbye to the old.

AI: Rose asked for suggestions for a special speaker for this program.

It was suggested that a presentation with Jay Johns and Larry Roper be scheduled as a professional development session.

AI: Scott is looking into having the Johns/Roper presentation as a professional development resentation.

Sherri sent a written treasurer=s report to the board. Rose reminded Board members that it is very important that Sherri gets copies of receipts and notification when Board funds have been committed.

Rose reported that Sandy Piper resigned the Marketing Director position on the Board this week. Some possible candidates for the position were discussed and Board members were to follow up to ascertain whether or not the people may be interested in the position.

AI: Board members will notify Rose by Friday, February 6, of possible nominees for the Marketing Director position.

It was suggested that a template could be developed for announcements and events that would make it easier for Board members to provide the information for the Marketing Director.

In general, the Board felt that people may not realize all the duties and time commitments involved with being on the Board and it would be beneficial to develop position descriptions for each of the Board positions. It would be good to have these completed prior to the nomination and election process for next year's Board.

AI: Board members are to prepare information for their own position descriptions and submit it to Donetta by Friday, February 13. Donetta, Karel, and Rose will edit and format the information and present a final recommendation to the Board at the March meeting.

AI: Jan will submit information for the Marketing Director position to Donetta.

A general discussion occurred regarding meeting attendance and quorums and the Bylaws were reviewed in this area. It is recognized that people are very busy and PFLA is a voluntary commitment, but we also wish to keep the organization moving forward. Please notify Rose at the earliest opportunity if you find you are unable to attend a meeting.

The Elections committee is Jo Dee Bernal and Debbie Jimmerson. The time line relating to elections is that the position descriptions will be in place by the close of the March Board meeting. Nominations may be brought to the March Board meeting or should be submitted to Jo Dee by mid-March. Jo Dee and Debbie will follow up with nominees to determine their interest in running for a Board position. The slate of candidates will be presented at the April Board meeting for approval by the Board. The slate of candidates will be voted on by the membership in May.

Arrangements have been made for a picture to be taken of the PFLA Board.

AI: Be present on February 18, 1:45 p.m. in the administration reception area on the 4th floor of the Valley Library for a group photo.

Donetta, Karel, and Rose have volunteered to review the Bylaws. The Board members were asked to read through the Bylaws, which are available on the PFLA web site.

AI: Bring Bylaw suggestions to the March meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.