Attendees: Dana Arnett, Edie Blakley, Jo Dee Bernal, Laurie Bridges, Scott Elsmhaeuser, Karen Guthreau, Jennifer Hall, Rose Lacey, Lyle Leaming, Karel Murphy, Nagwa Naguib, Jodi Nelson, Donetta Sheffold

The President called the meeting to order at 1:05pm.

The meeting began with everyone introducing themselves to the group.

President Elect and New Web Person - website updates:

Dana's plan is to work on the budget first off. He's hoping to involve Gil Brown with this process.

An extensive discussion followed regarding the website. Dana says he currently spends about 1 - 4 hours per week maintaining the website. There is no cost to host the website. With Dana's new duties as President Elect, he will not have enough time to continue maintaining the PFLA website. Since the website is already set up, maintaining it is fairly simple and either a student worker or permanent employee would be able to do it. Donetta and Dana both have potential students in mind. Jody has a part time employee that may also be available. We are now ADA compliant for both visually and hearing impaired folks. If we stay within the current framework, we are looking at content management rather than web management. Laurie has some web content update skills and good computer folks in her department. Donetta suggests we stay within the current framework for this year.

Dana's challenges are between coordinating and setting up meetings and then getting the information on the web in a timely manner. Dana will use his student during summer term, but will need to find a someone to take over beginning fall term.

Edie suggests we update as needed and during this year decide what is is we need to do, want to do, remain in compliance with ADA regulations, and find a content management person to be a member of the board. Edie also suggested establishing a subcommittee to define the web process and report back to the board. The subcommittee will consist of: Nagwa, Karen, and Laurie.

Update on Karel Murphy Award - Rose:

Rose updated and clarified the proposal for the Karel Murphy award. The proposal wasn't available for today's meeting. It will be available on the Faculty Senate website. It will be an OSU University Day Award and not a Faculty Senate award. Rose asked the group what we can expect to spend on an award. The cost will be split between PFLA and Engineering. She suggested $100.00. We then discussed what we wanted to award to be. Plaque? Clock? There may be a price discrepancy between different types of awards. We decided a maximum price for the award should be $150.00, split between PFLA and Engineering. A perpetual plaque was also discussed. It was decided against as it's not convenient for everyone to see and perhaps not meaningful to the person. The list of recipients will be listed on the website. The recipients will also be listed on the University Days material.

Monthly Health Tip from Student Health - Scott:

A representative from Student Health would like to attend our monthly membership meetings and present a brief health tip/sound byte (under 5 minutes). If we want them to provide brochures do we want to cover the cost? Have a cup out on the table for people to pay if they want one? Not provide pamphlets? Everyone was in favor of the sound byte, however NOT in favor of any charge being associated with the handouts.

Board Member Reports:

Professional Development - Nagwa:

Some ideas she has in mind are:

Paul Axtell - available 10/13 (Wed) or one week after the February meeting. Nagwa will talk with him to confirm dates, discuss topics, and costs for a 4-hour Workshop. We may be able to apply for Professional Development funds or to the Provost's office for funds to help defray costs. Laurie, Scott, and Nagwa will work on advertising, location, etc.

Larry Roper and Jay Johns - before deciding on the 10/13 for Paul Axtell, it was decided to confirm Larry and Jay's schedules and if they are available in October, schedule Paul for Febraury.

President Elect - Dana:

Consider inviting Gil Brown to be our guest at the September meeting. The Marketing Group is also interested in attending one of our meetings, perhaps in September if Gil Brown is unavailable.

Ideas for meetings:

  • Legislature - Jock Mills
  • Panel Discussion -- Kurt, Bob, Jeff Todd
  • Gil Brown
  • Jay Johns and Larry Roper
  • Tammy Bray
  • Kids and Healthy Living
  • President Ray - December
  • Dave Shaw - Disciplinary Process
  • Judy Hughes - Disciplinary action as it relates to Professional Faculty and
  • Grievance mediation process (Sabah and/or Becky? Panel?)

Past President - Rose:

Please remember to send Paul get well cards.

Membership - Jennifer:

We now have 22 members, excluding complimentary memberships. After a bit more discussion, it was discovered she's may not be getting notified of all the new members, so the count is most likely low.

Treasurer - Lyle:

The report was distributed and discussed. The treasurer is not getting JV'd dues From the website. Dana will get this fixed.

Meeting adjourned: 1:45 pm