Present: Board Members present were Rose Lacey, Paul D'Orazio, Jan Mosley, Karel Murphy, Edie Blakley, Donetta Sheffold, Scott Elmshaeuser, Jo Dee Bernal, Dana Arnett, and Debbie Jimmerson. A quorum was present.

The minutes of the March meeting had been distributed to Board members. It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of the March meeting. The motion passed.

AI: Debbie will distribute the March minutes to the membership list.

2. Dates for a managerial forum were discussed. May 12 during the lunch hour was the date and time indicated that most could attend.

AI: Edie agreed to organize the forum and Rose and Karel will assist as needed. Paul will make a contact regarding sack lunches.

3. Debbie and Jo Dee reported there was only one volunteer to report for elections nominations. Rose proposed that teams of 2 or 3 board members visit members to discuss the importance of their participation. It was pointed out that there was a large attendance for the presentation by Provost White today and membership of PFLA is up by 60%. It is important for people to become active in the organization.

AI: Rose will send out another reminder about elections.

Several of the Board members indicated they will make some additional contacts and visit with people about running for an office.

AI: Donetta will send an electronic copy of the membership list to the Board. The Board members will keep each other informed about which members they intend to contact personally.

As a contingency plan, three of the Board members indicated they may serve an additional term in their current position or another position, but all expressed an interest in seeing additional involvement from the membership.

4. Rose contacted President Ray for a meeting to discuss PFLA and a meeting was set. Rose, Paul, Donetta, and Karel attended the meeting with President Ray on behalf of PFLA. They talked about the issues group findings and resulting policies. He indicated he was open to discussion and re-evaluation of the issues. President Ray worked with a similar group at Ohio State University regarding issues, problem solving, and follow-up. He encouraged PFLA to look at the web site for that group and also contact that group with questions. President Ray would like to meet with PFLA at least once a year. Those attending the meeting were encouraged by Dr. Ray=s supportive comments and felt there was an open door to continue discussions.

AI: Paul will meet with Jacque Rudolph as follow-up to the meeting with President Ray.

AI: The Board needs to compile a list of the top 10 issues for professional faculty and prioritize them.

5. Rose reported on a meeting with the Faculty Senate Executive Committee regarding the proposed service award. After discussion and questions, it was indicated the award needed to go through the Faculty Recognition and Awards Committee (FRAC).

AI: Debbie indicated she had just completed a term on FRAC and volunteered to contact Christian Stehr, the chair of the committee, to arrange a meeting.

AI: It was suggested that a topic for the managerial forum might be encouraging professional faculty participation in Faculty Senate and volunteering for Faculty Senate Committees.

6. Everyone was reminded that we have a professional development session scheduled with Jay Johns and Larry Roper on May 19 from 11:30 to 12:30. It was pointed out that this date conflicts with the OSU Vendor Fair and there was a discussion about whether it would be better to postpone it until summer.

AI: Rose volunteered to do the flyer for the session.

AI: Edie volunteered to contact Scott about the conflict with the Vendor Fair and ask him to contact the speakers about whether they want to go ahead or reschedule. Be sure to keep Paul posted on the decision in regard to lunch arrangements.

7. The treasurer=s report was distributed and balances and encumbrances were briefly discussed.

AI: Add the budget as a discussion item on the May meeting agenda.

8. PFLA Web Page: Dana told us he has been trying to get the web group to assist him, but they were extremely busy and short-handed. He has also been trying to hire a student, without any luck, and the PFLA website needs to have 3-4 hours of work to be up and running properly after the upgrade or Aswitchover@ that the web did for the new webpage format and new word mark and logo. The Board discussion centered around taking some of the load off Dana, but getting the website changed and functioning ASAP. When asked, Dana thought he would be able to hire a private consultant to do the job and it would take less of his time to explain, as well as less time for the person to implement the changes. It was moved and seconded that Dana hire a consultant, on a personal services contract, to perform the changes to the website. The motion passed.

AI: Dana will hire a consultant to work on making the necessary changes to the website so it is updated and functioning properly.