Present: Dana Arnett, Jo Dee Bernal, Edie Blakley, Paul D.Orazio, Scott Elmshaeuser, Tammy Jennings, Rose Lacey, Jodi Nelson, and Donetta Sheffold

The President called the meeting to order at 1:10 p.m. and asked for board reports.

Board Reports


No report.


No report.

Professional Development

Larry Roper's "Managing From the Middle" workshop will be offered from 8:00 a.m. to noon on April 16 instead of an afternoon session as previously planned. Upcoming events:

  • March 5—"How To Stay Well In a Driven Environment" with Dr. MaryAnn Wallace
  • April 2—"Managerial Forum"
  • April 16—"Managing From the Middle" with Larry Roper
  • May 7—"Outlook" with Dana Arnett

Margaret Jacobs has asked for PFLA's help in sponsoring/organizing a meeting sometime in April with Linda Sarnoff, University Planning Manager, to solicit input on OSU's Master Plan. Edie Blakley and Paul D'Orazio, PFLA board members, will work with Margaret to organize an event.


The January 8, 2003 minutes were accepted and approved as submitted.


The January 31, 2002 Treasurer's Report was accepted and approved as submitted.

Other News

Presidential Search

PFLA has been asked to submit the names of two professional faculty members to the presidential search committee for consideration of participation on the screening committee. The screening committee serves in an advisory capacity to the search committee by reviewing the pool of semi-finalists in the presidential search and providing an analysis of strengths and weaknesses. The screening committee does not rank the semi-finalists. Potential PFLA participants must be available to meet between Friday, May 16 and Sunday, May 18. The board agreed to submit Karel Murphy as one of the PFLA members. Board members should submit recommendations for the second person to President Edie Blakley no later than noon on Friday, February 14.

Concerns were expressed about past conversations concerning the nomination and selection of PFLA members for participation on committees and how those conversations have occurred when a PFLA member being discussed is also a participant in the discussion. The board agreed to handle those situations with caution, be thoughtful in how words are expressed, be considerate of the needs of others, and to take responsibility for seeing that our own needs are met.


Donetta Sheffold, Past-President, discussed the proposed changes to the Bylaws. It was noted that the version of the Bylaws on the web is not the most current version. The current version will be submitted for inclusion on the web. A motion was made and carried to have the President-Elect assume responsibility for organizing the monthly meetings. The President will ask the Treasurer to add a line for Professional Development to the treasurer's report. The Members-at-Large (Scott Elmshaeuser, Jo Dee Bernal, and Jodi Nelson) will work on a clarification of duties for 3.9 of the Bylaws and submit it to Donetta by February 28. Donetta will compile all the revisions and submit a draft to board members.


Debbie Jimmerson was appointed as Nominations/Elections Chair. The President will contact the Treasurer and ask that she email a PFLA member list to all board members. Board members are asked to contact acquaintances on the member list and encourage their participation by taking on leadership roles.

Web Site Discussion

Tabled until the March board meeting.

Spring Term Meeting Time

The board agreed to time changes for the April and May board meetings. The April 9 and May 14 board meetings will be held from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Location will be confirmed at a later date.

Workshop/Forum on Hope/Change Agents

Following up on an idea from Linda Johnson at the last membership meeting, President Edie Blakley suggested that PFLA collaborate with others on campus to sponsor a workshop, forum, or panel discussion about being a change agent and instilling hope. After some discussion on this topic, the board decided to approach Vice Provost Larry Roper and Coach Jay John about partnering an event. Jodi Nelson, Member-at-Large, will initiate a discussion with Larry Roper. The board will also solicit assistance from Linda Johnson since she was the originator of this great idea. It is the expectation that something can be pulled together for presentation in April.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m.

Next Meeting

March 12, Wednesday from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. in MU 212.