Present: Rose Lacey, Paul D.Orazio, Sandy Piper, Karel Murphy, Laurel Busse, Donetta Sheffold, Edie Blakley

Meeting came to order at 1:15 pm.

Debrief about lunch meeting

  • People felt good, meeting went well.
  • Meetings starting and ending on time are important.
  • Notify people in advance if meetings are going to be longer than one hour, otherwise end on time.
  • Keep the drawings, allan brothers mugs, set of 4 OSUMA mugs each month, plus whatever else we might get/have.
  • Membership networking opportunities — ideas for getting member areas of specialty and contact information for those who are willing to share that information. Include areas of interest and activities/hobbies.

What are we hearing out there?

  • PCOSW, UACPBD, FCPC, OPA, and other organizations — Make a commitment to seek out opportunities to get in front of these groups to talk about what our goals are and seek ways to connect. This would be a way to work us into the fabric of the university. Maybe we could invite them to our meetings too or instead.
  • A variety of ideas came up for partnering with these and other groups. Partnership opportunities with OPA would be more beneficial if they were not around office work type of activities. One idea might be to partner with OPA on their habitat for humanity project.

Update from subcommittee charges with response to PFIG recommendations

  • Discussed how the letter was developed and what responses were received.
  • Discussed who the letter will go to and how open they are to receiving our request.
  • Discussed meeting with both Drs. Randhawa and White together concerning our issues and also including President Ray.
  • Karel proposed the letter be sent to Randhawa and White, copied to Faculty Senate President and Ed Ray.
  • Edie asked to include more details about what we expect and an invitation to talk about it in the letter.
  • We discussed whether to invite them to a board meeting or a membership meeting to discuss this. We discussed inviting them to an Executive Board meeting to discuss the recommendations.

Decision: All agreed to invite Drs. Randhawa and White to our board meeting. Questions to ask will be drafted in advance.

Revist Retreat Notes

  • We discussed how to distill the retreat notes. Laurel will edit and give a condensed list to Rose. Rose will bring it to next month.s meeting with a tool for us to use to determine what things we plan to work on from this list. Rose will be asking for commitments from board members and we will work on the ones people are willing to commit to.

Commitments for 8-6-03

  • Sandy agreed to create a form for members to complete to share their name and area of specialty, also hobbies/interests.
  • Karel agreed to collect the information from members and create the database.
  • Rose agreed to contact some of the groups listed above and get on their agendas.
  • Rose agreed to check Drs. Randhawa and White schedules for a time to meet.
  • Donetta and Karel agreed to draft questions for Drs. Randhawa and White.

FYI—Rose will be gone from the 10th to the 25th of August.

Meeting adjourned at 2:50 pm.