Present: Dana Arnett, Joy Asbury, Jo Dee Bernal, Edie Blakley, Tammy Jennings, Jan Mosley, Jodi Nelson, Paul D'Orazio, and Donetta Sheffold

The President called the meeting to order with congratulations to Scott Elmshaeuser, Member-at-Large, on the birth of his newborn son, Henry Thomas.

Board Reports


A campus map showing distribution of PFLA members is the first project.


Membership is currently at 50. There will be a letter campaign going to last year's members who have not renewed this year. If they don't want to renew membership, they will be asked to share why they are not renewing.

Professional Development

Tim White will speak on December 4 from 12:00–1:00/1:30 p.m. The room in not scheduled yet.

Dr. Risser will speak in November or January. He will want questions up front. The board discussed having Dr. Risser speak in January or even February, after Dr. White's scheduled meeting. A suggestion was made to see if Dr. Risser would be open to having just general topics rather than a list of specific questions, and having time available for taking questions from the audience.

Toastmasters or Dan Larsen's customer service presentation will be available for October and Sam Sappington for a half-day stress reduction workshop in November. There was a suggestion to make the half-day stress reduction workshop flexible enough so that participants could attend for 2 hours, or stay for all 4 hours.

A suggestion was also made that information about membership meetings be sent out earlier, and then followed up with a reminder email. If the full year's events are known, perhaps that could be sent out to the membership as well. Another idea for professional development was to contact someone from PERS to discuss the current state of affairs.


No report.


The 8/31/02 Treasurer's Report was distributed. The board approved a budget line of $500 for professional development this fiscal year. Donations from vendors for professional faculty development will be pursued.

Other News

University Day Booth/Staffing

Space has been secured for University Day. Some staffing has been arranged. Display stands for brochures, blank membership forms, the banner, and a list of upcoming professional development forms are needed. There was general discussion about whether or not to give away OSUMA mugs. The board agreed to donate the mugs (in one lot) to an off-campus organization.

Membership Drive

A suggestion was made that we continue to offer complimentary memberships to new employees as a way of encouraging membership. The board approved complimentary memberships for new faculty. It was suggested that we track the new faculty who are offered complimentary memberships and see how many actually sign up for membership the second year.

Other suggestions discussed were:

  1. To have non-members pay for workshops and members attend free or at a reduced fee.
  2. To have the membership year coincide with the fiscal year. (The board will come up with a standard.)
  3. To let people know what PFLA is doing for them and why (i.e., events and topics of interest and list of upcoming workshops). There could be a link on the website to professional development opportunities and a calendar of events, with another link to the master calendar.

PFLA should be involved in leadership development and elevating matters of leadership, professional development, and service to the community. It is important to have support groups with a continuing focus on networking. This might be accomplished by developing areas of the web.

There was concern expressed about PFLA on the global list where members are subject to spam email. Work will be done to restrict the list.

President Edie Blakley asked that all board members make a commitment to seek out those faculty we know who are not yet members of PFLA and encourage their membership.

A date in October is being reserved for the function at President Risser's house.

Retreat Follow-up

A meeting will be scheduled to discuss the sock drive.

New Business

In the past, the old OSUMA mugs have been used for the Our Hero flowers. In the future, we will use donated recycled vases instead. Paul D'Orazio, Professional Development, will call Allan Brothers and ask them to donate 12 mugs and thunder beans.

Tammy Jennings is the liaison for the Mentoring & Networking Committee. She handed out a list of the learning groups for 2002-2003 and asked that staff be encouraged to attend.

Reminders for the monthly membership meetings will be sent out.

Next Meeting

October 2, Wednesday, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.