Present: Dana Arnett, Joy Asbury, Jo Dee Bernal, Edie Blakley, Sara Eklund, Tammy Jennings, Rose Lacey, Jan Mosley, Paul D'Orazio, and Donetta Sheffold.

The President called the meeting to order.

Board Reports


The campus map has been completed showing distribution of PFLA members. Email reminders will be sent out to the PFLA global list about the monthly meetings.


Membership is currently at 73. The complimentary membership drive for new faculty is still in progress. OHR has sent a list of 50 new faculty. Two out of sixteen new faculty who received the complimentary membership last year have signed up this year. Four out of twelve members of the Professional Faculty Issues Group are members of PFLA, but not all members of the group are professional faculty. There are about 50 of last year's members who have not renewed their PFLA memberships for this year. A letter will go out to those folks.

There was concern about restricting the PFLA email list. It was suggested that PFLA members be aware that the addresses can be harvested. An option is to hide the PFLA global list. Member names can be hidden, but the list still spammed. There was also concern with access and availability to the email list and members receiving non-PFLA related business. To restrict the list so that no unauthorized person could send to the list would be more difficult. The decision was made to hide the address list for now and see how much spamming occurs. There was a question about what was appropriate to send out on the PFLA list; for example, having OHR send position announcements to the list. The board decided that better coverage for position announcements would come from the professional faculty email list rather than the PFLA list. It was suggested that other departments wishing to use the list should ask whether it's appropriate or not.


Minutes from the September 11 meeting were approved.


The 9/30/02 Treasurer's Report was distributed. There were few expenses and membership income is at $600. The report was approved by the board.

Professional Development

Paul D'Orazio has had discussions with MaryAnn Wallace, Director of Heartspring Wellness Center, Samaritan Integrative Medicine, to offer a workshop entitled "How to Stay Well in a Driven Environment." The goal of the workshop is to give attendees a better understanding of themselves and how to stay well. The workshop would include a ½-hour didactic lecture for the whole group, then break-out sessions in smaller groups, with a maximum class size of 40 participants. The cost is $1200 for half a day. Making this an annual event was suggested. Brochures were passed out highlighting the workshop and copies will be sent by email. A proposal will be submitted to Tim White requesting money from the Excellence Award to support this, and then charging a nominal fee to participants. The board decided to ask for $2400 for two sessions. It is anticipated that the wellness session will be held November 20. To cover the cost of the room, refreshments, and cost of the seminar, the board decided to charge a $20 fee for PFLA members and a $45 fee for nonmembers, plus an option to join PFLA. Because of limited seating, spots will not be reserved until payment is received (either in the form of cash or journal voucher).

Upcoming sessions either scheduled or anticipated are:

  • November 6—Managerial Forum with Bruce Sorte discussing PERS, American Indian Conference Room
  • December 4—Dr. Tim White, MU Joyce Powell Leadership Room
  • January—still working on
  • February—President Risser, MU Joyce Powell Leadership Room
  • April 16—Dr. Larry Roper, Managing From the Middle
  • June—Customer Service Workshop and Outlook (Dana Arnett)

Other News

President's Reception

The PFLA Reception with President Risser will be November 4 from 5:00–6:30 p.m. at the Risser home. Invitations will be going out.

Sox Drive

The sox drive, a community service project, will be held December 5 over the lunch hour. The Sox Review will feature notables from around campus who will be hidden behind curtains while participants guess which notables belong to which sox. The entrance fee to the event will be either a package of sox or a pair of sox. Barrels will be set up around campus to collect other sock donations, with advertising around the community.

The dedication to Halsel Hall will be October 16 from noon to 4:00 p.m. with mini tours provided.

The OSU Career Fair will be held October 22 and the Engineering Career Fair will be held October 23.

It was mentioned that last year announcements were sent out about monthly meetings to the professional faculty list and not just the PFLA list. The board agreed that the notices should only be sent to the PFLA list.

Next Meeting. November 13, Wednesday, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. in MU212.