May 2017 Facilities Services Landscape & Grounds Maintenance Crew
April 2016 Troy Snow Senior Assistant Director, Recration Operations and Student Initiatives at Recreational Sports
March 2016 Yesenia Gutierrez Qual Opportunity and Access
December 2016 Allyson Dean Special Projects Coordinator, Registrar's Office
November 2016 Regan Le Assistant Director, Asian and Pacific Cultural Center
June 2016 Penny Wright Finance & Accounting Manager, Forestry, Oceanic & Atmospheric Business Center (FOBC)
April 2016 Jennifer Grant Information Coordinator, Office of the Vice Provost for International Programs
December 2015 Tammy Jennings Human Resources Manager, Health Sciences Business Center
October 2015 Lynn Greenough Director, ECampus Course Development & Training
September 2015 Paula Christie Chemistry Department
June 2015 Dana Ainsworth Grants & Contracts Accountant, Civil and Construction Engineering
May 2015 Lisa Silbernagel Assistant Manager, Office of Post Award Administration
March 2015 Kay Ann Fischer Laboratory Supervisor, Veterinary Diagnostic Lab, Vet Med
February 2015 Laura Scott Office Manager, School of Design and Human Environment with the College of Business
December 2014 Larry Pribyl Assistant Director, Broadcast Communications
October 2014 Christine Atwood Manager in Procurement and Contract Services
June 2014 Lois DeGhetto Financial Aid Adviser
May 2014 Shannon Riggs Director of Course Development and Training with OSU Extended Campus
March 2014 Dwanee Howard School of History, Philosophy and Religion
October 2013 Mark Staben College of Engineering
April 2013 Christina Flynn University Adminsitrative Business Center
April 2013 Valerie Cooley OSU Id Center
March 2013 Lori Englehardt Printing & Mailing
September 2012 Kim Calder College of Business
February 2012 Terralyn Vandetta Forest Computing Resources
January 2012 Karren Cholewinski Budget & Fiscal Planning
April 2011 Diane Davis Office for Women's Advancement and Gender Equity
March 2011 Laurie Solum University Administrative Business Center
January 2011 Nathan McClure University Housing and Dining Services
December 2010 Donnie Barzar Printing and Mailing
April 2010 Curt Pederson Information Services
January 2010 Hollie Pitts Department of Budgets and Fiscal Planning
November 2008 Angela Haney Dining Centers
February 2008 Corry Clarke Printing and Mailing Services
November 2007 Cindy Jones University Housing & Dining Services
November 2006 Leanna Ott International Programs
December 2006 Theresa Souza OSU Office of Human Resources
June 2003 Cindy Newberry Sea Grant Communications
May 2003 Vickie Bailey E-Campus
April 2003 Leanna Ott International Programs
March 2003 Paul D'Orazio Arnold Dining Center
Feburary 2003 Brenda Cartwright McNary Central
January 2003 Allison Davis-White Eyes Indian Education Office
May 2002 Gale Hazel University Advancement
April 2002 Nagwa Naguib Research Office
March 2002 Melani Bonnichsen College of Engineering
February 2002 Roger Emery Facilities Services
December 2001 Gigi Bruce Academic Affairs
November 2001 Carol Andrews University Publications
October 2001 Dr. Delphine Jackson Educational Opportunities Office
September 2001 Doug Borngasser Center for Gene Research and Biotechnology
August 2001 Patti Hughes Registrar's Office
July 2001 Laura Lincoln Research Office
June 2001 Edie Blakley Career Services
May 2001 Robin Hlobeczy Facilities Services
April 2001 Peggy Goforth Information Services
March 2001 Diane Belair and Sylvia Office of Services for Students with Disabilities
February 2001 Alec Carpenter Information Services
September 2000 Kelly Loux Service Master (Valley Library)
August 2000 Sue Speulda Research Accounting
July 2000 Robert Hood News and Communications
June 2000 OSU Payroll Staff OSU Payroll
May 2000 Cheryl Robinson Printing and Mailing
February 2000 Kevin Collins and Jerry Medlock Facilities Services
January 2000 Jim Ervin Greenhouses
December 1999 OSU Telecommunications Staff OSU Telecommunications
November 1999 Deb Mott and MU Catering Staff MU Catering
October 1999 Elizabeth Nielsen Archives
September 1999 Vickie Nunnemaker Faculty Senate Office
August 1999 Building Services Staff,
Larry Kennedy,
Val Hellman,
Mike McKibben and
Elzetta McConnell
Facilities Services
July 1999 Sheri McDaniel MU Reservations